Coin Roll Hunting

I am a coin roll hunter

2 years ago

I am also a coin roll hunter and my best find was four Indian head pennies in one box!

1 year ago

I've actually been coin roll hunting for over 40 years, yes for reals! :-)It's one of my favorite things in the world and much of my collection has come from this activity...old rolls, new rolls, mint rolls, bank rolls, "unsearched" rolls...
This year I actually decided to start a YouTube channel that revolves around my experience and teaching about coin roll searching and cherry picking. I have a lot to share in regards things I think I might know after spending over 4 decades buying and selling, but mostly searching coin rolls :-)
My YouTube channel is "Coins are Neato!" Please watch, learn, enjoy!!!

1 year ago

When the coin shortage is gone and my parents allow it, I CRH. As for my best finds, I once found an offcenter lincoln cent. As well as a steel cent, XF silver washington quarter, and an AU 1969 D no FG lincoln cent variety. 

1 year ago

I coin roll searched when i was in school. Finding wheats and war nickels.  I want to do a little now. Might try a bag of wheats, but you know they have probably been searched. Will definately search some bank rolls for errors. 

1 year ago

i am more of a CRH than anything else.  I found 90% of my collection that way.  It will always be a part of me.

1 year ago
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