December 18 quiz - US mints

My first attempt at this forum it all got deleted, so this is take two. I decided to host a daily quiz on the ANA forum just for the fun. Maybe some of you will even learn something. 

To kick us off, the first quiz will be on the US mints. First question, simply name all the US mints that you can think of. 

Next, list which ones make coins for circulation, which ones are proofs, which ones are inactive, and which one is overseas. I will put my answers below the dashed line, so don't take a look until you have written down your answers. Good luck!


Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, West Point, New Orleans, Carson City, Dahloenga, Charlotte, Manila

For circulation: Philadelphia, Denver

Makes proofs only: San Francisco, West Point

Inactive: Carson City, New Orleans, Manila, Charlotte

Overseas: Manila

1 year ago

your thread has a little problem.... everyone can see the answers below the line and when you comment on it we cant see the names of the mints

1 year ago

I said not to look below the line until you have written down your answers. There isn't anything I can do about seeing other people's comments, so just ignore them until after you answer. 

1 year ago

lol, good try though!

1 year ago

I am just going to do the mintmarks, C, C(Gold Coins), D, P, S, CC, O, and W. West Point, Denver, And Philadelphia are still active.

1 year ago
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