Discussion: Which Service is Better?

I thought they were in business to make money. Besides vivid was a hard hit. Graders working g 6 days a week. I'm not in a rush!

vivid was a hard hit?

1 year ago

My simple analysis.
PCGS. I refer to PCGS as the kind of flashy holder for expensive coins. If I had a 1913 Liberty Head Nickel, I would put it in a flashy PCGS Gold Shield slab. Basically, some of the most valuable coins, including the 1794 silver dollar, are graded by PCGS. So, basically, PCGS strikes me as an elite, flashy brand that has a sleek holder. That is why the prices I think are higher is the status that PCGS has as an elite TPG. As a side note, two things add to its appeal in my opinion is 1. It has the Gold Shield security chip. This Gold Shield holder has a price of $38 for grading, so pretty high price, but this feature is always seen on valuable PCGS coins. 2. It uses PR as an abbreviation for proof. NGC and other TPGs use PF as an abbreviation, which doesn't sound as good. If you see this, you may be like "What!", but when coins get pricey, people start buying the holder and not the coin. That is one of the biggest reasons why people put their valuable coins in PCGS holders, the looks.

NGC. NGC I think is the best grading service overall. The grades are strict from what I can hear. People were saying how TPG A is stricter than TPG B. But it all depends on the grader. I'm pretty sure the companies don't send in their freshly graded coins for grade verification by the "Elite Council of Grading Experts" or any verification company to approve it, because they are the verification company! It all depends on what grader you get. Grading standards may be taught the same, but they can be executed different ways. But the aforementioned test done by the Smithsonian proves their holders are the best. 

ANACS. ANACS was the ANA's grading service until it was sold away. This company is known for its variety authentication. It lists VAMs and other errors. It is very specific with these, but its grading is questionable. Their prices are good, but I don't think I would grade my coin with them. Remember, this is strictly my opinion. 

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1 year ago

I have been happy with both the service and the grading I have gotten with ANACS.  I have had problems with all the graderss, FWIW.  I just had an entire set of Wrens Farthings graded and returned in about a month.  That was cool and they are listed here:


1 year ago
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