New "Collectors"

I have to ask, "Why are a whole bunch of people, that have no numismatic experience in the past, now buying and clearing out the entire catalog (ASE's AGE's. kiddie quarter sets, etc.)" 

What do you think? Do you think that these new collectors are starting off the wrong foot? Surely the mint's prices are better than Rick Tomaska.

1 year ago

I was luckey. When Tomaska broke away from Chappel  and started his own show his prices were low. That's when I bought the coins hes selling today. I watch him to  here how he justifies his prices. I came up with charge what ever you want people will buy it. And they do. Enormous prices!

1 year ago

I think most of the sell outs are individuals and dealers capitalizing on the strong secondary market for these. The ASE/AGE will become available once production catches up so to pay the high markup is kinda silly when you could simply wait. As for the new collectors, if this brings them into the hobby by discovering other coins in the process, like Lincoln cents or Buffalo nickels, then that's a good thing. No?.

1 year ago
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