New member here getting a feel for the site

Hello all,  just wanting to say hi, and give a bit about my self and collection. Am a disabled vet with PTSD issues and turned to coins to help me  best thing i done in a long time really helping, am in Oklahoma just south of OKC 

  Mostly working on small cents right now with lots of roll searching. ( 15 boxes so far ) belong to couple other online groups and getting a lot of help with understanding what am looking at.    Just started on making a AU set of small cents.going to be fun. got some silver and proof set, couple sets of state quarters set in UN condition  

Been trolling around this site looking at stuff,  and do have a question.  are there pricing page for coins,  right now am been looking at completed auction on ebay to get a feel what i should be paying for something, but a real pain in the butt,lots of searching.   I did order the 2019 red book  should be here this week coming up a long with supplies. 

Any advise that can be pasted on

4 years ago

First and foremost, thank you for your service and welcome to the forum. Getting the red book was a smart move. As you look at more and more coins you will get better and determining the grade for yourself. Although, for as many coins as I have seen my grade is always higher than what the graders say...lol. Wishful thinking I guess. I have been collecting for just over a year now and absolutely love it. I truly wish I had started younger. So far I have collections of Cents, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters (State and ATB's including the 5oz counterparts) Franklins, Kennedy's and Eisenhower's. I also have a few commemoratives mostly from American Mint flyers. I am in the middle of making some display cases for those and the 5oz ATBs. 

I also served in the military (U.S. Army, Armored Tank Division) but did not see any kind of wartime action for which I am thankful. I honor those that did. 

Good luck in your search.

4 years ago

Welcome. Looks like you are starting the right way. Our hobby can be very therapeutic. We have some other collectors on here that in similar situations. 

My advise is don't be shy. Read the blogs and comment on them. Write a couple if that is your thing. Ask lots of questions. Normally if you have a question someone on here will be able to answer or at least give some solid advice.

4 years ago

Hi how are you. My name is Mike. I suffer from traumatic brain injury and fractured neck which of course has led to many problems cognitive problems. My neurosurgeons told me to get a hobby coin collecting. Why? Well they said it will help my dementia. It did for a while one of them was a collector gave me some pointers. It was very hard adjusting at first it making friends active friends they helped me alot. Even wrote a blog about it. I can't leave the house but found away. Put a few sets together did some coin rolling and today I have a wonderful set. You can do the same welcome to the ANA I your in the right place. I like it here alot I'm sure you will to if you need help just ask enjoy .Mike.

4 years ago

Already I forgot thank you very much for dedicating your life to our country I'm am very grateful for that. Stay with It. Mike.

4 years ago

Welcome. I'm not much for strangers and meeting new people but if there is one thing I may say about Numismatics, it Trump's my PTSD. I too am disabled due to my service connected PTSD. Collecting coins has changed my life here over the last 9 months, and I've never been happier. Numismatics and the joy (and sorrows, hehe) that comes from it is better than any pill I've ever been prescribed. It's amazing that something I've taken for granted my entire life has really been the one thing that helps me keep my head up. I look forward to getting to know you on here and thank you for the post. Reading this thread really made my day. Thank you and everyone here as well. 

Thank you for serving, and thank you as well to the ANA Members as well.

Mike H.

4 years ago

Hi Mike H. Mike B. Here. I wrote a blog and came out about my disabilitys. My neurosurgeons told me I would be having long term problems with bleeding on both sides of my brain and fractured neck in three places. They told me get a hobby I did this why I'm here. It helped immensely with my memory but it continued to fade now I'm in for a really tough fight but I will not give up my coins I might be losing the battle but the war is mine glad to meet you. No one believed me when I told them disabled people collect coins. Now they do. Don't give it up. Mike

4 years ago

Hi I know it says.Pat but it is Mike. We change our names sometimes. First I hope and pray your ok. I'm reaching out to you to come back. This is not a bad place. As a matter of fact there are others like us. We stuck with it and a while new world.opened up. I have a saying . Don't give up. Get a little active make contact with ACTIVE collector's. They  will help you. All I'm asking is give it a try. You never know. So think about it. Pat.

2 years ago

Hi, and Thank You for your Service to our Nation.  I would suggest you find yourself a local club, you will find they are always filled with folks that just love spreading their knowledge and helping newcomers..  The ANA has a list of such clubs here:
I would also suggest you post any questions you have here on the Forum as we have many people in ANA with a great deal of expertise in every area of numismatics.
Finally, I would suggest you get a copy of the ANA Grading Guide, that book will show you pictures of every coin in almost every grade, an absolute must for the serious collector. 

Take care and see you on the Boards.

2 years ago

Don't give up come back we will all help you . I didn't I have P.T.S.D from all that happened. Give it another shot.

2 years ago
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