NGC down-graded NGC FS Jefferson nickels submitted for new holders only

Sent two old NGC FS Jefferson nickel slabs into NGC for new holders.  The old slabs were intact, undamaged, but scratched from handling.  The old labels were completely intact and undamaged.  Just got the final invoice - NGC regraded the coins without my permission, charged me for the re-grading and downgraded one of the coins from FS [6FS] to 5FS.  My original submission and the NGC submission receipt clearly reflects re-holding only.  The regrade is a $400 plus downgrade and leaves a huge hole in my run of 6FS coins.  Has anyone experienced this: submitting NGC FS [6FS] slabs for re-holding to NGC only to have the coin down-graded to 5FS?  This is the third time I've submitted old FS coins for re-holder.  The first time NGC hurt me with an unwanted regrading. 
From the NGC website: "Note: Before 2004, 6FS Nickels were recognized with the FS designation. Any coin that received an FS designation by NGC is now treated as 6FS in the NGC Census."
See: https://www.ngccoin.com/news/article/6752/learn-grading-full-steps-nickels/


1 month ago

Called NGC today.  Spoke first to R***** (customer service) and then N*****  (?).  R***** simply transferred me to an unidentified voicemail line.  N***** initially mused that the coin must have been damaged in re-holding.  She said I had waived the risk of damage which is not true: the NGC waiver does not apply to NGC holdered coins, only to “holders other than NGC.”  Could not seem to convince her otherwise.  At any rate breaking out a coin by NGC from an NGC holder could not erase a step.  Waiting for N*****  to research the downgrade and get back to me.  My conversations with R***** and N***** did not generate a great deal of confidence in NGC.  Bob

1 month ago

Never heard this happening before. Not to say it hasn't happened.  Don't understand how they can regrade without permission? 

1 month ago

Waited a week without hearing anything back from NGC.  Called Thursday and reached a helpful customer service representative.  She called back Friday with instructions to return the slab as a ‘mechanical error’.  Impressive!  NGC’s return instructions seem a bit laborious, but they did provide a postage paid UPS label.  I typically use USPS Registered mail.  Will take the coin to UPS tomorrow.  Hoping for the best - that it was a simple keyboard error.  It looks good under a loop.  Bob

27 days ago

I'm glad NGC is taking care of you. I heard that NGC has switched to UPS or FedEx as their normal shipping service. This is good news to me. They lost one of my submissions even though it was Registered mail. Good luck and keep us informed how it turns out.

25 days ago

Yikes! I see one of two scenarios. Either a full refund or to send it back for the original grade. Provided you still have the inert label. In any case, I see them trying to resolve the issue for both parties involved.   

14 days ago
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