Popularity of Philippine Coinage

A few weeks ago I started and wrote a blog about the United States Mint in Manila, Philippines and how I began by knocking out the key dates. Well, here's one soon to sell at $4,301- cleaned and uncertified.  https://www.ebay.com/itm/155153688823?hash=item241fe168f7:g:MmAAAOSw9xpjGiI~ And that's cheap despite the heavy scratches from cleaning. But not for me based on overall eye appeal.

16 days ago

I can't get to the link. But the ten Centavos  from 1945 made at the Denver mint sell for Over 3600 at auction. Its the reverse a DD the whole reverse even the mint mark. Ten years before our famous cent.. I was lucky the govmint was selling rolls and the worker did not go through them I got an entire roll! When they were fist found eBay sold them for 8000,00. Now they believe there are 20 left. Its Allen-9.05b. They ones I'm talking about are silver MS 67!! The MS 66 are a little cheeper. I put one up at Heritage House but I wanted a reserve. So no one bit. I know better next time. Its on there record the one that sold was 3,600.00 Needless to say when I told the company the worker got fired!!

16 days ago
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