Re-Evaluating the Steps on Jefferson Nickels

I have finished my paper on "Re-Evaluating the Steps on the Jefferson Nickel", it is an eye opener! It is a PDF file of 31 pages with lots of images. It is 12 MB in size, too large to post here, so it is on my personal web site. It is free to download. 
It proposes some new and important changes as concerning the recognition of the number of steps on the reverse of the Jefferson nickel. It makes some new proposals, proposals which pre-date PAK.
Here is the link, it is on my personal website:
I would appreciate your comments:


Gary in Washington
ANA # 3179303
WBCC member # 578 

6 years ago

Nice, very interesting

6 years ago

Very well presented, ho logos. I've added it to my home page and will no doubt pass it on to others whenever the subject of FS comes up.

6 years ago
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