Registry Sets.

I'm a member of NGC registry  sets. There dealing with a week of glitches. Those who have it on there phones it was told they might have to put it on a device. Well I got hit with it . Took two days to get  my coins. I said it before I joined to write journals and put up non competitive tokens up. When you spend day after days to put your coins up now there gone. You panic enough rules I suggest law school. It's complicated to put coins or tokens up on a non competitive set. There still talking about P.C.G.S. Coins. Any p.c.g.s. Set I can put in. But not from over seas   rules and coins is enough to make your head spin Navigating is crazy.once you get it it's not that bad. They also have great customer service. As for here I really can't see it. But if it comes give it a shot. You have nothing to loose. 

1 year ago
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