Though I Do Not Collect Error Coins, These Are Among My Favorites

I have two error coins that are among the favorite coins of my collection. The first coin is a Double Die Reverse 1853 Arrows and Rays Half-Dollar. The second is an 1857 Gold Dollar with spectacular die clashing.

The half dollar which grades XF-40 I chose over a similar AU example. As I took possession of the coin from a dealer at the Central States Numismatic Society show, he pointed out the reverse doubling that I had missed. Instantly in my mind the coin changed from a nice looking Arrows and Rays Half for my type set to a really cool coin! I thanked the dealer for educating me about my coin at the point of sale.

The next coin is an MS-62 1857 gold dollar bought on e-bay. This coin displays a significant amount of die clashing especially on the reverse. However, I had not noticed some of  the letters from Miss Liberty's head dress on the reverse until I photographed the coin with my macro photography rig. I hope you enjoy my pictures.

My thanks goes out to Dar for suggesting a thread on error coins, everyone please feel free to post your US error coins here.


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