Three Rolls of Quarters

I got three rolls of quarters from my local PNC bank branch today so I could add a little cash to my Daughter's snackbox each day.  So as long as I had them, of course I had to check them.  Nothing of significance, I only found 3 2019 quarters, all Lowell, all P mint.  The only other interesting find was a Bicentennial Quarter.  Most of the quarters were either Statehood or Eagle reverse.  The ATBs were there but not that abundant.   I guess they are still being hoarded.  Anyway, it was fun looking. 

2 years ago

The movie about baseball with the saying build it they will come. Same with the quarters. They put them out there you will find them in places you never thought of. Don't give up. I wrote a blog against them yet I'm finding them in change. While I was in the hospital. So will you. Don't give up. If anyone deserved one my friend it's you. You refused one from me it's there waiting for you. Say the word. Lots of luck. Thanks Pat

2 years ago

I read and hear quite a bit of anger over the West Point quarters and rightfully so. As for myself, I wouldn't say that I'm angry, rather frustrated in not finding any thus far. As you've said, they are out there and I will find them. In truth I love a challenge. A last option for me would be to just give in and buy what I can't find but that requires waiting for the excitement over them to drop along with the price.

With that, I have to wonder if this was a brilliant strategy implemented by the Treasury Department to free up vault space where trillions of coins lie un-need in commerce. Since the early part of 2019 I began receiving many, many pre-Statehood quarters in brilliant uncirculated condition. The earliest thus far was a 1978 with the bulk being of the mid-nineties. Or is this just coincidental? While no where near the going price of the W quarters these are still worth better than face value.  Either way, one has to wonder and find a silver lining in any situation.

1 year ago
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