West Point Mint Closure

The U.S. Treasury announced on April 16 of a halt in production and the facility over an employee testing positive for COVID-19. Bullion silver production has been shifted to Philadelphia while gold, platinum and palladium have been suspended.


This brings up the question. How will this affect the annual mintage figures with gold climbing? More importantly for us limited funds collectors, the Jefferson inclusions with each set? Particularly the as of yet to be released uncirculated set. Looking at the mint's website all listings beyond the 2020 silver proofs have changed to TBD status.  So glad my order for two of each set went through Friday. Things are getting very interesting.

1 year ago

Knowing our Mint, they will probably just take those W dies and pound out a bunch at the Philadelphia Mint, who's to know?  After all, they've pumped out coins from WP without mintmarks in the past and they've done the same with the Denver Mint during the coin shortage of the mid 1960's.

1 year ago

I do believe the Uncirirculaded set is done. I ordered the silver proof for my book. I give the nickels away. What about the W quarter program. There probaly done also. I have Dansco books . So the Uncirirculaded is the last and the burnished is it for the year. Thanks.

1 year ago
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