An Idea for a Column in the Numismatist; Is it stretching the Limit too much?


Hi NPCoin,
I agree with you - YNs are in no way second class citizens. But I would argue that there is always a reason to exclude anyone's writing if it's not quality work, regardless of age, in order to protect the intellectual integrity of the magazine; that won't change. However many YNs over the years have expressed that they do in fact want their own "playroom" to express their ideas among peers, without the influence of any of the "old folks". Some of them asked for their "own table", and we've done nothing more than provide it - do you feel it was it wrong for us to listen to the desires of our YNs and then actually follow through with it?

Yes, the Your Newsletter is an exclusive outlet for YNs, though this does not necessarily exclude YNs from being published in The Numismatist; the two outlets are not mutually exclusive for YNs, but then we do not allow adults to be published in the Your Newsletter (is that unfair to our adult members somehow?) Who ever said a YN can't submit something for publication in the magazine? Please re-read my post with more care if that's the conclusion you've led yourself to - I never said YNs can't submit something to The Numismatist, as I don't work in our Publications Department; I work in Education. If you truly believe that I do not think YNs are, "just as much part of the ANA community as anyone else," then I will have to try harder to change your mind (or you can ask some other people that know a few dozen of the things I do for this hobby and its youth.)

Thank you, NPCoin, and please know that I sincerely appreciate your presence and contributions to our online community. Please feel free to submit something literary to us sometime, especially so you can earn some YN Dollars to use in one of our upcoming YN Auctions! --Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.

PS - If YNs were ineligible to have works published in The Numismatist, why then do I include on the "Ways to Earn YN Dollars" page, a reward YN$250 for doing exactly that? It's been on there for quite some time too, even after we developed the Your Newsletter. https://www.money.org/young-numismatists/how-to-earn-yn-dollars 

2 years ago

There is nothing better than helping a yn get started on this site.. As others will tell you i have helped many yns threw the good and bad times. Kids are very  emotional at times. I can tell you sometimes no mater what you suggest to them they will.do what they want. They should have that rite. They find it hard just to get an avatar up. They also have projects to do and classes to take. You remember when you were a kid.? Did you ever get upset because you were picked last in the game. That same emotion goes on here . There very competitive. They jump on these points. Points show activity thats all. But they want to be on top. I tell them i had to crawl before i walked. Someday they will be running. But doing this on the net is hard. I tell them welcome there are know dumb questions here i know i asked them all. I have spent weeks helping some kids. Some have gone on and in a time period will get it. It will come to them the wonders of c collectiog. There blogs change as they do. Completing a set you can see the wonders on there face. But if you choose to help anyone be ready to help. They ask some very good questions. When they win something at an auction thry brag about it and they should. I dont know of anyone who ever considered them second hand citizen's. We try they try and when it works its music!! I speak to  Sam. What he hasnt done for some of these kids. Really goes out of his way and never has turned one away. I get the impression there Sam's kids. And they are. He is a true champion for these kids. And anyone else. Well its time to eat. Thanks everyone for there great ideas for these kids. There all winners.

2 years ago

I just want to start with noting Sam rocks, and is a great support for YN 's.... Also, I'm noticing that some conflicts/confusions within the back and forth here possibly originate from people coming into this discussion from different angles. My approach wasn't based off thinking yn's were second class etc., as the yn's do have many benefits, such as discounted rates (because realistically, we can't do forty hr weeks),  private auctions, etc. The ANA, at least to me, appears very much invested in the future of the hobby, yn's.  Anyhow, I approached this because I had happened to think of an idea, and was looking for peer review. Having received that, I am most grateful. Sam brings up an important point in that this would be a rather redundant project. Mokester also brings up an important point though. Thus, is it possible for non-yn's to view the newsletter? (If it is, I think a good next step would be for me, and any other interested members, to compose blogs that make the newsletter better known amongst users, and essentially try to get more people  interested, not unlike what users have done with other ANA programs)

2 years ago

Liberty walking half. Good for you well said. Some people do not realize that the yns wich starts at age five to eighteen. They are the standerd bearers of this hobby. Like insaid allot of emotions here. You cant publish all the articles. So the editor says maybe next time. That hurts. They feel there not equils. But they and i learned from many people. I also tell them school is more important than coins. They need to move on with there studies and coins. Studies come first. Thats there future. So i suggest they split there time. It works. Thanks my friend. Well said.

2 years ago

Dang I'm a yn and I don't even know what "your newsletter" even is. I prefer to speak my finds to people who care rather then people who don't read it. If you do a column in the numismatist that would help everyone out a lot. 

2 years ago
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