CWT token identification help requested

I've been working to ID a bunch of Civil War tokens that I recently acquired.  This is the reverse of the Knickerbocker Currency token (255).  It is either 392 or 393, but I can't find anything that would enable me to determine which one it is. I've looked at photos of tokens that claim to be 392 or 393, but I cannot see the difference.
Can someone help please?

2 years ago

There are two books out. Civil War Tokens. I collected a bunch of them some very rare. I think Bowers wrote them. They have pictures of all of them i need to see the other side.

2 years ago

Here's the other side.  As I said in my original post, it is the Knickerbocker Currency one (die 255).
I have the Fuld Store Cards book which is helpful with the Indian head dies.
There are a couple of excellent websites for help with patriotics:



They have helped me narrow down the other side of the Knickerbocker token to die 392 or 393.  That is where I am stuck.

2 years ago

Ok its 255/393 done by Bridgens his name is on it with the obverse Knickerboker. I found it the original red book of civil war tokens written by Q. David Bowers Its a RI rarity over 5000  made and its made of copper. When you buy the book get volume two. Then you have to lern how to use it. It will help

2 years ago

Thank you very much!

2 years ago

Anytime remember one of our big suggestions. Buy the book before the coin in this case token.

2 years ago
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