Yawn... More US Mint Complaints

As the mint comes out with more junk that people surprisingly want, I have noted two things...
1) The site is completely messed up- even when you are successful in getting what you want
2) As packaging images are released, it appears as the Mint packing as ditched the case for an open packaging. A good example is what they are packing commemorative half dollars in. No case. Just a coin in a little felt-lined holder. The gold-four coin set will be in this packing too. No more cool, velvet cases. A premium item, slowly rising in price, in horrid packing. 
Give us a break, David Ryder. 

18 days ago

The packaging started with the cents in plastic bags then put in an envelope.. So they made it better with the nickel set. The envelope was longer. However the plastic bag was the same. And only two coins. They could of made a fancy third but no. It just gets worse.

18 days ago

Ryder has screwed up so much into gets it would take a blog to make them all.  How about the great coin hunt millions found sets yea right. That was twenty million in two years. The cent with the W. The nickel with the W.. Only two coins.I'm not going to keep going. Ellis Island was the worst.. A kid with a flag no stars. I have civil war tokens with stars. It said New Jersey.  According to the Supreme Court ruling New York owns part of that land. But the coin says New Jersey. No homework they guess

8 days ago

I gave up on buying from them. I'll buy them on the secondary market, where in time they'll be about equal to or less than issue.

3 days ago

Very disappointing that the Mint sells bulk to the special people. No reason at all for 175,000 pieces to be sold out so fast. I might buy on secondary market, but might just skip the 2021 roll out of dollar coins. Will stick with older coins? Why bother. 

2 days ago
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