Another Exhibit Item

Friends, when ANA Worlds Fair of Money comes to Pittsburgh in August 2020, I am going to have an exhibit of all things 1967 Canada.  As most of you are aware, that is the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Confederation and was celebrated in numerous ways to include Coins, Medals, Stamps, Currency, and ephemera galore.   I have numerous items in all these categories as I am a Canadiaphile from way back.  Here is my latest acquisition, I will add a few more items before next August, just to make sure I can fill 3 cases.  

This is a medal depicting the two reigning Queens when the Canadian Confederation was formed and during her Centennial. 

2 years ago

Only stuff from 1967, with one exception, in 2017 Canada redid all the 67 coins with dual dates, I will include that as well, but that is the only variance from the 1967 theme.

2 years ago

You will do very well. And you will win. Just take some good shots of it. We all want to see it and knowing you your effort alone will bring in the prize. Lots of luck

2 years ago
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