The Definition of a Coin According to Spain's Mint

In the process of researching my new set, "The Spanish Provisional Government and the Birth of the Peseta" I discovered a paper celebrating the 134 year history of the Peseta on the website of the National Currency Factory and Bell-Real Casa de la Moneda in Spain. In that paper I read a fascinating definition of the role of coins in a nation's history that I want to share. It goes somethin like this;
"The currency is a faithful reflection of history. Within its small dimensions all the coordinates of the moment in which it was coined are enclosed and is always an inexhaustible source of information. The aesthetic, political, religious conceptions and the economic situation of the people are indelibly reflected in these small metal discs. Therefore, the 134 years in which the peseta has sent in the economy of Spain have seen transcendental events happen in the conformation of what is now the life of the Spaniards. Kings, artists and conquerors have passed through the hands of the citizens; The peseta has become a key piece of popular iconography: longed for, hated, idolized ... in short, the history of the peseta is, in large part, the history of Spanish men and women entering the modern world. On October 19, 1868, by Decree of the Provisional Government formed after the overthrow of Isabel II, the peseta was born as a monetary unit. Following the dictates of the Latin Monetary Union, which Spain did not finally adhere to, the metric system was finally imposed as a basis for economic activity."
What do you think about this as you ponder the coinage of the United States in our history?
P.S. This paper was only posted in Spanish and as such it was a pain in the neck to translate. If you want a link to it or a translated copy message me at coinsbygary.

2 years ago

I loved that Gary, Spain has romanticized the Peseta in a way that could easily be transferred to our humble Cent and maybe a reason to forget the cost and keep the Cent going as long as minor coins are produced at all.  (maybe another 20 years?).

2 years ago

The Peseta  coin is the first I have heard of it. I do not know coins from Spain however i wishyou luck with your pursuit of the set. It is beautiful. And like Mokie said maybe we should take another look at ours. That would be great. Thanks.

2 years ago
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