This is going to get pricey.

As many of you know, I have a nearly complete set of Australian Wedge-tailed Eagles in the perfect grades of MS/PF. What I don't believe I mentioned, was that this set is going to my niece who collects world coinage at some point. With that set not being my own, the remainder of my hoard will be left to my nephew who has a passion for history and these sort of things. Thinking of him, and assembling the complete Irish denomination/date run from 1928-1969 in higher grade raw form, I decided on an NGC registry set of the same in the top two population grades only. I have six thus far, on my collection page or at NGC under Clover Valley (Longbeard) should you like to see any. My reasoning is simple on this. A legacy to our bloodline. Which he assures me he will continue where I leave off.

4 months ago

Once you get hooked into the registry set competition, you've commited yourself.

4 months ago
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