2023 National Coin Week Youth Activity

"Our Money, Our Heritage, Our America" Theme for 2023 National Coin Week

THE CHALLENGE: Match close-up images from American coins. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Match the description of TWENTY coins with the close-up pictures of coins in the PDF files below. Enter the correct letter for each image in the blank next to each of the descriptions. The PDF files below may be downloaded and submitted electronically or printed and mailed. (Submission instructions are outlined in the PDF.) 

You may use coin books, magazines or the Internet to aid in your searches.

Answers must be received by May 12.  Only ONE submission per YN will be accepted; please submit the activity for your age group only. Please note: answers shared on social media or the ANA website will result in disqualification.

Questions? Email ncw@money.org

PARTICIPANTS AGES 5-11 who successfully complete the activity will win a U.S. silver quarter and be entered in a prize drawing for a 2009 U.S. Mint District of Columbia & U.S. Territories Quarters Proof Set. Those who successfully complete the BONUS items will also win a silver dime and a 50+ year old Jefferson Nickel. 

PARTICIPANTS AGES 12-17 who successfully complete the activity will win a U.S. silver quarter and be entered in a prize drawing for a 1996 U.S. Mint Premier Silver Proof Set. Those who successfully complete the BONUS items will also win a silver dime and a 50+ year old Jefferson Nickel.

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