ANA Presidents 1891 to the Present

1891-1892 William G. Jerrems Jr.
1892-1894 George F. Heath
1894-1899 August G. Heaton
1899-1902 Joseph Hooper
1902-1905 Benjamin P. Wright
1905-1908 Albert R. Frey
1908-1910 Farran Zerbe
1910-1912 John M. Henderson
1912-1914 A. Judson Brenner
1914-1915 Frank G. Duffield
1915-1917 Henry O. Granberg
1917-1919 Carl Wurtzbach
1919-1921 Waldo C. Moore
1921-1926 Moritz Wormser
1926-1927 Harry H. Yawger
1927-1930 Charles Markus
1930-1932 George J. Bauer
1932-1933 Alden Scott Boyer
1933-1935 Nelson T. Thorson
1935-1937 T. James Clarke
1937-1939 J. Henri Ripstra
1939-1941 L.W. Hoffecker
1941-1943 J. Douglas Ferguson
1943-1945 Martin F. Kortjohn
1945-1947 V. Leon Belt
1947-1949 Loyd B. Gettys
1949-1951 M. Vernon Sheldon
1951-1953 Joseph Moss
1953-1955 J. Hewitt Judd
1955-1957 Leonel C. Panosh

1957-1961              Oscar H. Dodson
1961-1963 C.C. Tim Shroyer
1963-1965 Paul K. Anderson
1965-1967 Matt H. Rothert
1967-1969 Arthur Sipe
1969-1971 Herbert M. Bergen
1971-1973 John J. Pittman
1973-1975 Virginia Culver
1975-1977 Virgil Hancock
1977-1979 Grover C. Criswell, Jr.
1979-1981 George D. Hatie
1981-1983 Adna G. Wilde, Jr.
1983-1985 Q. David Bowers
1985-1987 Florence M. Schook
1987-1989 Stephen R. Taylor
1989-1991 Kenneth L. Hallenbeck, Jr.
1991-1993 Edward C. Rochette
1993-1995 David L. Ganz
1995-1997 Kenneth Bressett
1997-1999 Anthony Swiatek
1999-2001 H. Robert Campbell
2001-2003 John Wilson
2003-2005 Gary E. Lewis
2005-2007 William Horton
2007-2009 Barry Stuppler
2009-2011 Clifford Mishler
2011-2013 Tom Hallenbeck
2013-2015 Walter Ostromecki, Jr.
2015-2017              Jeff C. Garrett
2017-2019              Gary Adkins
2019-                          Steve Ellsworth

For a complete listing of ANA Governors and Officers, 1891-1991, please refer to The American Numismatic Association Centennial History Volume II by Q. David Bowers

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