29 Sep 2022


Coins | Haney

Well as I have been on a roll with my little band of Washington misfits, let us continue with two new performers one from the city of brotherly love and the other from the mile high city, strange I had to look the latter up despite having traveling thru there several times. These two chaps are a little on the skinny side weighing in at 4.6 and 4.7 grams respectively due to the fact they are short some covering. At some point in the process they both showed up to the coin press missing a layer of nickel that typically hides a wonderful layer of copper. Furthermore not only did they show up half dressed, but they both landed heads up prior to receiving their die impressions. So this way both the date and the error are together for your appreciation and more importantly mine. Not to say I do not have examples of particular irregularity in other denominations that is best appreciated by the reverse but those are just place holders, hopefully Franklin did not hear that, until I can find the numbers 1, 9, 6, and 8 on the copper side. Both of my fiends are graded uncirculated though visually the Philadelphia example has a lot of fire left whereas the Denver example has reached a warm red brown, if you’re a train nut it approximates mineral brown. Surprisingly both struck up rather well despite the reduction in volume of metal to work with, though the eagle is much sharper on the piece from the mother mint.

28 Sep 2022

My Lucky Day

Coins | Mike

Hi! Hope everyone is well. Thanks to Pete for getting the gremlins out of the system!. Now the title is lucky day. I have had some good luck and bad. This was good. A few years ago I guess it was four I was looking at the gov mint magazine. The had rolls of Ten Centavos. Now I wasn't big on foreign coins but these were not foreign. They were made at the Denver mint. They were very small. Smaller than our dime and made of silver. I said why were these coins made in Denver. Well before General MacArthur before he left the Philippines he dumped all the silver into the Manila Bay. This was done so the Japanese could not buy ammunition to use against the armed forces. They were dated 1945. So how did I get lucky? They were not expensive so I liked them and pulled the trigger. I'm looking at the reverse and the then I looked at every letter including the mint mark even the three stars on the seal on the reverse were DD. So I looked them up. They were called the Allen-905b DD reverse. I checked with N.G.C. and there were only 27 of these in the high grade of MS 67. Do I send them in. I checked them under 30 power. Not a mark. I decided to send six in. Good luck was with me. The six I sent in came back all MS 67. The others I knew were less of MS 67 they were MS 66!!! This story gets better. I checked Heritage house on a guess these would be there. One was. It was a MS 66 and was auctioned of for a large sum of money I had no idea!!For one a MS 66. I waited about two years and sent one in. That's were the luck stopped. I didn't want someone getting a coin for free. So my mistake was I set a reserve!.It was to high. That's the story of my good luck. Somethings you buy on EBay and they don't know what there selling. I have seen that. This was a once in a lifetime find. So I learned from my first experience. Before I put this blog up I checked Heritage House. Back in 2020 two sold for more than I ever expected. Am I going to send them in? No. It will be a private sale. That's what I decided. So a few things had to happen for this to happen. One was the war and the General throwing out all there silver. When he returned he came with his pockets full. He wanted to give the Philippines a chance to get back on there feet. Then the govmint bought some of the old rolls. Now the guy who checks rolls before there mailed out didn't check. He's not working there anymore. I gave two or three away. One to Sam to help the kids learn about DD. And friends. So that's the story of my luck. And that's all it was. That's why after 30 years I still check rolls. When I checked the web I found the gov mints old advertisements for the coins. I told the seller about what happened and he said he was upset but I paid and they sold. They had to eat the whole loss. There loss was my gain. I hope all of you get this lucky. Remember this was ten years before our famous wheat cent also made at the Denver mint!And to top it of there beautiful coins. That's why I bought them. Take care the pictures are back up. Write some blogs! Thanks for taking time to read this. You never know. You just don't know! Mike

27 Sep 2022


Exonumia | Longstrider

I just found out from the powers that be at the ANA , there is a problem with putting pictures up on a new blog for everyone. Maybe that is why there haven't been any new blogs for a couple of days. I know it stops me. I feel a photo makes a good blog better. They are working on it. Lets hope it is fixed soon. Whatever "it" is. Thanks

26 Sep 2022

1944 Philippines 10 "centavos" Coin

Coins-World | AC coin$

The Philippines islands became a United States territorial possession after the Hispanic American War in 1898. The islands went thru several transitions in the political and economic sectors way further into the 1980's as part of its own adjustments to establish both cultural and identityissues.After suffering a Japanese invasion in WWII, the US Armed Forces regained control of the islands in 1944 and steadily moved the economy and administration of the Philippines people to a better advantage point. Supervision and issuance of currency befell over US Government authorities present in Manila.This silver made coin is a nice example of such activity mentioned above. Beautifully designed, the coin represents hope and progress within that specific year of 1944.

22 Sep 2022

What's in a grab bag from the YN Auction?

Young Numismatists Exchange | The Error Collector

I won a grab bag in the YN auction this year and since it came yesterday I decided to write a blog about what was in it. I have divided the contents into four sections including U.S. Coins, tokens, foreign coins, and exonumia. Each grab bag is different, but here is what was in the grab bag I won.

22 Sep 2022

I can finally post pictures!

| CoinHunter

Yahoo!I contacted the ANA about not being able to upload pictures, and it turns out its because I had hit the limit of 1000 (lol that't a lot of pictures) but he was able to bump that limit up to 5000!So from now on I'll have pictures on my blogs again.I'll probably go back and add the pictures to past blogs...

22 Sep 2022

V-nickel Ender, Gold, and More! | Coin Update #59

| CoinHunter

Hello all and welcome to another blog! First up, I've got to tell you guys about a pretty substantial purchase I made a little while ago and totally forgot to tell you guys about. It is the second gold coin in my collection and the first classic gold coin in my collection (by that I mean a gold coin that was intended to circulate—rather than modern gold coins like my 1/10th ounce gold eagle). It is an 1880 $5 Liberty gold piece graded AU-50 by PCGS. It is 90% gold and 10% copper alloy meaning it has about 0.2419 ounces of gold (just below a quarter of an ounce!). It is pretty cool because it was most likely in circulation at some point. Although it has wear, it still has a bit of luster and it has great details. I picked it up off of a coin forum for a really decent price.

21 Sep 2022

The Queen is out of reach

| user_22476

I know everyone has heard about the Queen's death, but I don't think everybody is taking it as seriously as I hoped. The queen was never supposed to be queen in the first place so even that is slightly impressive. The queen's coronation was the first ever televised making King Charles the 3rd the 2nd televised coronation. Queen Victoria was the only other monarch in British history to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee. Even though Queen Elizabeth doesn't have the longest reign, King Louis XIV holds this record for 72 years, but he inherited the throne at the age of 4. The main reason I believe the queen died is that after her husband died in 2021, it all went downhill from there. At our school, all the classes had the funeral playing on TV. Long beard has a better blog on this topic, so you can check him out.


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