25 Jan 2023

Have You Ever Heard Of The Silk Road?

Exonumia | Mike

Hi everyone hope all is well? The silk road was not one road but roads connected to each other from China to the Roman Empire.Now this road was over 7000 miles though one country to another over mountains. That's bigger than the U.S. witch is 3000 miles so its double our country !

18 Jan 2023

AT Helmeted Liberty commemorative art piece / exonumia

Exonumia | Grove Minting Company

The Helmeted Liberty Half Dollar was a pattern half which in my opinion should have been issued as a circulation coin. This beautiful design was based upon J-1528 / P-1696 executed by William Barber. This original imagery was apparently inspired by a drawing prepared by Christian Gobrecht in the late 1830s per Pollock. It shows Liberty wearing a helmet adorned with an eagle, and is believed to be the inspiration behind the design by William Barber used on 1877 half dollars J1526-J1531/P1694-P1699.Many collectors and numismatists have never seen this design before, and when I first saw a real example, I was awestruck. This pattern in mint-state condition commands a staggering price. Most people I have spoken with at shows regarding this coin, wished to experience what an example would feel like in hand. With that being said, about a decade ago, I undertook the process to recreate this pattern, in exacting detail on the obverse only, for the exonumia community. The design was well received by numismatists and hobbyists alike, with a classic design that pays tribute to the original, as a bullion strike. A few years later, I decided to have some more fun, and have a personal example AT'ed to the image you see before you. Now before you scoff at AT, please know that I as much as anyone else frown on the application, but for modern bullion pieces, it's fair game if properly disclosed. The resulting application brought further to life our Centurion friend, with skin toned devices, deep blues around the helmet, and royal purple cameo reflective fields. In ancient Rome, purple was the color of royalty!For pattern collectors, what designs most stand out to you as being your favorite?

14 Nov 2022

Part Two Civil Tokens

Exonumia | Mike

Hi everyone well here is part two of civil war tokens . These are political tokens. Remember store tokens and political. There are more that's for part three.. These tokens below are all rarity one! Now you would think that rarity one are cheep. Well I say there reasonable and people liked these. That means there was more that 5000 of each one made. They were easy to get and buy items. Now if you look at the George Washington its raw. Try to find this in a book if you don't have the obverse and reverse number. Washington is 112/396a. So you would look for the obverse number and it will be Washington. Now here's the trick. The obverse of most of these are several different reverses. Depending on that this has a reverse that uses a number that would make this a 10 rarity. Unique one of a kind!! .....Now the first token below is the Monitor. They made many different tokens of this. Why it was very popular. Again no numbers. I found the obverse its 240/341. But the different designs make these different raritys. Like I said very lkpular. People would ask for this token based on what they could afford.. All tokens will come with the number and information. What I love about these it has famous items like the Monitor. It also has our Flag! This token is called Flag of our country. Now the number is214/416a. The reverse says " If anyone attempts to tear it down shoot him on the spot" in the middle it has Dix. Now there are errors of this token but it doesn't add to the value. .So now you have learned to find one in the book using the numbers. The price can be affected by the metal that was used. And they used them all.From ,copper ,bronze ,brass,copper nickel,white metal or pewter,silver,lead,tin,aluminum, and zink. So there you have it. I forgot gilt.Gold plated and zink. Now I have not seen all these metals used in the maiking of these tokens. And you have to admit these tokens have some wonderful design. The have animals. Bears,dogs, lions bulls a wonderful group to chose from.. Some will collect store cards . Others political. Some mix them both up. But the beauty of these is there is a design for everyone . A rarity for everyone. The rarity 1,23, are very resonable. If you buy a one and it grades aMS 63 your looking at a hundred dollars. ......So there are choices to be made. And like I said there is one for everyone. They start at about thirty dollars. And they go up and up and up to the tens of thousands.So you will find somthing in your price range. So look at them on ebay. I believe they have six thousand tokens for sale.Take a look you will see what I mean. I hope you enjoyed part Two. Part three will be in a couple of days. Thanks for your ingerest. If you have questions message me! Enjoy and thanks Mike!

12 Nov 2022

Medieval Coventry I Have Been Published!! Its On Line Now!

Exonumia | Mike

Hi everyone!! Well I received good news last night. My article on The Medieval Gates of Coventry has been published!! I first submitted it last October if I remember right and the editor Mr Caleb got back to me and said it would be in December's issue. I said thank you. I guess good things are worth waiting for. ....I worked very hard on it and with Gary Hermman taking the pictures and Mokie looking it over I thought I had a good chance. Those are what friends do for each other on this site. If your looking to write one please have Gary take the pictures. He's a professional photographer and my tokens look great. Im sorry for writing two blogs in two days but I was very excited about this. Its not me. .....I saw the layout last month when we went through the last editing. They did a terrific job. When one does write an article credit has to be given to those who helped you. The editor Mr. Caleb. Mokie and Garry ( coins by Gary). They put time in to this. I had to mail my tokens to Gary and I was worried sixk. It is a one of a kind set. There is no other. I would also like to thank the asset editor for her work! .....Im very proud to have it published in the A.N.A. magazine. This way you all can read it. The l first one was in the great magazine s the Clarion. From P.A.N. the great show that goes on every year. I know I'm blowing my own horn but to get published twice at my age after 30 years of collecting. And blogging makes me feel great! ....I always say to some write an article. They can say yes or no. If they say no rewrite it. You never know. And especially with my injuries it made twice as hard. But as I said years ago in the NGC registry never give up!!. That was five years ago I tell that to many people. Again my heartful thanks for helping this old man get published in a magazine of the A.N.A. is very rewarding. I asked you all to blog. I ask you who want to write do it. Its something I was talked into to. A little angel on my shoulder kept telling me write it write it. That angel was Mokie. Thanks for the encouragement. And thank you all for reading my blogs all these years. I will write till my death and still write blogs. Thank you all for your support. The meaning of friends means friends most of the time. I hope you enjoy the article.A d give it angry if yoh don't you might regret it Try . That's all I ask. There are great bloggers here I know here article will go threw.

02 Oct 2022

Florida Souvenir with 2007-D Lucky Penny

Exonumia | AC coin$

Among many families and others, there is a traditional custom to place a penny inside a baby shower invitation, a sixteenth birthday party card or even a marriage congratulations card as a symbol of good luck or good wishes.

01 Oct 2022


Exonumia | AC coin$

To be grateful, to flow in such wavelegth, is to breath another air. Gratitude exerts a mandate from the soul which tells at the same time the heart to operate in harmony with the surroundings, with all.I am grateful for being recognized among many here. I enjoy what I do, the way I do it and the message that is conveyed thru this ANA website. A house for communicating ideas, new items and perhaps unify what at times seems impossible: people.I am grateful for the opportunity given to share knowledge, potential growth and history within ANA's public spaces. It is a great chance to put into light what we have and also to connect in many ways with others while, at the same time learn and discover many possibilities of learning. I have also discovered a path for myself.I am grateful for my perseverance amidst troubled times. After facing personal rough episodes and the ups and downs of life, this numismatics portal is a kind of havenfor me.At the end, I am grateful to know that my style of sharing my knowledge or information is well viewed, and enjoyed by many. I am among great collectors, historians and currency appraisers here, at this excellent place named American Numismatics Association.Thank you, ANA.AC Coin$Never give up.

27 Sep 2022


Exonumia | Longstrider

I just found out from the powers that be at the ANA , there is a problem with putting pictures up on a new blog for everyone. Maybe that is why there haven't been any new blogs for a couple of days. I know it stops me. I feel a photo makes a good blog better. They are working on it. Lets hope it is fixed soon. Whatever "it" is. Thanks

07 Sep 2022

1964 California Commemorative Medal

Exonumia | AC coin$

Also known as the John Muir, Martínez MedalJohn Muir: born April 1838, died December 1914.

28 Aug 2022

Native American Peace Medals at National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC

Exonumia | DrDarryl

I visited the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC on August 26, 2022.On the 2nd floor, in the President Portraits exhibit, I was delighted to see a partial collection of Native American Peace medals.


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