09 Jan 2022

Go to coin shows

Coin Shows | xaviera

I have always enjoyed going to coin shows sometimes you see old coins. There are so many unique coins I've never seen before, you get to see what other collectors have and what they enjoy collecting whether it's ancient coins, silver coins, or foreign coins it's always interesting to learn more about coins and be familiar with all coins. If you want to learn about coins and hear about a coin show try and go, they are informative and teach you a lot.

15 Nov 2021

LKNS Attends the 2021 Fall PAN Show

Coin Shows | Mr_Norris_LKNS

On Saturday, October 30, 2021, the Legacy Knights Numismatic Society traveled to the 2021 Fall PAN Show for their first big field trip as a club. The PAN Show (operated by the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists, or PAN) was held at the Monroeville Convention Center in the suburbs of Pittsburgh.LKNS took part in the PANKidZone activities especially geared towards young collectors. The PANKidZone is an effort headed up by Mr. Malcolm Johnson to generate interest and enthusiasm among young people for numismatics and help them in their pursuit of their collection and knowledge.Due to unfortunate circumstances Mr. Johnson was unable to meet us there; however he made sure we were in capable hands with the rest of the friendly folks on the PAN committee. Our members were the recipients of a generous collection of numismatic items, from t-shirts to cent collection folders to coins, literature, and more. A couple of famous guests even helped us enjoy the show in the forms of Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln.The show itself was wonderful with a wide array of dealers attending. We saw ancient coins, paper currency, lots of old and rare American coins, tokens, elongates, medals, and collector supplies. Several of our members went home with new purchases to add to their collections. The dealers seemed as happy to see us as the friendly PAN Show staff, and all were very helpful. Several took the time to explain the significance of some of their displays or items for sale. Their hospitality made an impression on our members, who felt they were treated like valued members of the numismatic community.The YN auction at the end of the day was a big hit with our students of course. They had acquired some PANKidZone auction money through their participation in both the show and our club. Bidding was often fast and furious and some of the bids reached some rather incredible heights before a sole bidder remained and won the lot.LKNS is an extracurricular activity of Legacy Christian Academy in Xenia, OH, which is about four hours away from Pittsburgh. While some members opted to travel with their parents and spend the night in the Pittsburgh area, the main body of members rode together in vans and made the trip all in one day. That made for a long day, but traveling with friends made the time pass quickly, and getting to attend the PAN Show was well worth the trip!Many thanks go to PAN, Mr. Malcolm Johnson, Mr. Pat McBride, and others who made sure we were able to attend and had an incredible field trip!To see more photos, please visit the PAN Show 2021 photo album on the LKNS Facebook page.

11 Nov 2021

Coin Collecting Class

Coin Shows | user_33663

Hey there!Any other ANA members offering coin collecting classes to their community?I've been doing it for 4 years and it's been OK, but now I started offering the class on Zoom, and I am getting more interest.I usually set up education tables at coin shows around Chicago area, and give out flyers advertising the coin collecting class. We also do some networking with local schools and libraries.Anyway, reach out to me if you are a numismatic educator and do any events or classes in your community.John Kent773-259-0838

25 Sep 2021

Virginia Numismatic Association 63rd Annual Coin Show

Coin Shows | user_5902

The VNA coin show at the Fredericksburg Expo & Convention Center was packed Saturday morning. What a great show that missed last year due to Covid restraints. The show runs through Sunday. Thank you VNA and all your dealers and volunteers.

17 Apr 2021

Steals and Deals

Coin Shows | A.J.

Hey! Ive come back from a coin show in Dalton, and ive gotten some coins to show! Here's the coins i got, in general order of price:. A Newfoundland 1917 penny: 25¢. 2 Rentenpfennings from germany in 1924, 25¢. BU 2021-D Quarter: $12 French Empire coins, $2.50 UNC 1939 Vatican 20 Centensimi, $4. VF 1826 Dutch East Indies 1/2 Stuiver, $5. 1969 and 1979 set of British Decimal coins, $2. 1992 5 pound coin celebrating queen Elizabeth II's 70th birthday, $2. 2022 red book, $10. XF 1921 Morgan Dollar, $25. Austrian Thalier, $26. BU 1922 Peace dollar, $35Today was awesome and i feel like it was the best show yet.

09 Apr 2021

What I Bought At the Coin Show

Coin Shows | CoinCollector7777

I just arrived back from the coin show I mentioned in an earlier blog, and these are the coins I got. A 1902 O graded and slabbed Morgan dollar graded by PCGS in MS-63, a 1904 O Morgan dollar in MS-64, an 1889 Morgan in MS-62 or 63 which I got $4 off, a free 1956 BIE error cent, and a 1964 minor broadstrike graded and slabbed cent in RB 65 graded by NGC for, yes, $1. Oh, and here are all of the deals I got. So, someone gave me a $4 discount, and on the 1964 cent, someone let me have it for $1. It was originally $25! And, when I didn't have enough money to buy one Morgan dollar, some RANDOM STRANGER GAVE ME $20 SO I COULD BUY IT!!!!! Wow! Anyways, thanks for reading this blog! P.S. Sorry for the blurry pictures.

29 Mar 2021

Coin Show

Coin Shows | CoinCollector7777

On the second Friday and Saturday of this April, there is a coin show in New Hampshire! Kids 12 and under (I think 12 and under) get to enter free! My local coin dealer is going to get a table there. I'm going to it, specifically to any tables that sell any Morgan dollars. This will be my first trip to a coin show, and I'm really excited! Me and my brother get to get a $25 and under coin for free from our parents.

06 Dec 2020

Coin Show Report: The Shenandoah Valley Coin Show

Coin Shows | I. R. Bama

The Christmas edition of the Shenandoah Valley Coin Club show was held yesterday in Weyer's Cave, Virginia in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.The Shenandoah coin Club was founded in 1959 and has been the sole sponsor of this show since the beginning of its inception. Traditionally held twice a year, once in April and once in December, the April show was cancelled this year due to everybody's favorite fiend, the Covid Virus.

28 Nov 2020

coin show

Coin Shows | World coin collector

I went to the Glenpool coin show today and yesterday. The oldest coin I bought was an 1859 Indian head penny with no shield on the reverse. My newest coin was a 1962 toned dime. I bought an au 1945 P au war nickel for a good price. That was my second coin show I ever went to. This is my first blog. Another coin I bought was a 1927 quarter for 18 times face.

17 Nov 2020


Coin Shows | Mike

Hi I watched the news today . I usually stay away away from it. But there is no doubt we are at war with an enemy we can't see.. And this enemy is winning by taking whole familes. Nine in one family. Yes the covid 19 is the biggest war we have fought. I say it every day at the end of a message be safe stay well. The positive thing about this war is we can win it. We're a mask don't shake hands stay in if you can. You think this is just another conspiracy.? Well it's far from it. When my mom in law hit her head. She of course had he be creamated. . My friend Pete who owns the funeral parlor said to me Mike I have done a years worth of business in two months!! Let people.who think this is a joke come here and watch my staff work from Sun up to Sun down.. This is not a flu. It's not a Spanish flu it's a new strain of a killer. I see people in the street there about 25 to 40 not wearing mask. Laughingly were all crazy. This is the age group killing us. I won't get it I have no problems. Well keep walking around like it's a normal day. There is nothing that's normal about this. I stay in . I go out for ten minutes and walk a half a block a week. I go over my coins. Watch old t.v. shows. do something. I'm in the danger age. I'm 67. I have many problems but I also have anaemia. That means my system is comprimised. I have a better chance than most of you being a causalityof this war. I repeat don't think because we're you live it won't find you it will. I had an encounter when someone was walking next to me no !ask. Yes I shot my mouth of. Sir would you kindly were a mask? No one tells me. I said I'm not telling you I'm asking you and I don't care about you I care about me. I stopped and let him go on. Nothing I'm telling you is new.people have become complacent. That's the problem. Everything was opening they thought it was over It's not. It's getting worse. If your not scared you better be. Yes we have something to fight this . Three companies have come out with a vacine. But to distribute it won't take a day. Months. This is were I would call up the National guard to help distribution the anti virus. But right now the light at the end of the tunnel is an on coming train.. That will change. So I ask all of you who are thinking of a big thanksgiving please cancel your plans. Put your pride in your pocket and stay home.. Forget the idea I'm not going to get this. You write blogs about shows. I' was ready to go to my first when this hit. Ask yourself this. Is your life worth the price of a coin? No it's not. When I checked the map this morning just put your neighbood in your browser . We're I live we are open. It has gone up. But it's still eating outside. Ten% of restaurants can open. Deliverys. That's the best if you didn't get to shop. Everyone I see except a few are keeping to the rules. Wearing a mask. Wow that's such a convenience I can't do that. Can you live with respirator down your throat. ? I chose a mask and washing hands. Is that to much to ask. Well if it is I wish you luck just stay the heck away from us. When this was announced I called in a favor and spoke to a high ranking official at the C.D.C. . His number did not come up on my screen. He said you Mike I said yes. I asked what are we up against ? Is this the flu. He replied this is hell and it's not the flu. How long .? Two years at the most That call scared me to death. I only told a few people on the site. . Why because they didn't know how to fight this.. Shows. Come on Broadway shows gone, sports gone, no one in the seats. Going to the movies gone. I will say it again. I feel terrible for those who lock up there tables and coins and travel all over the states. There income has been shattered because of this. What about those who have health problems and were looking to go to my first show. Yes it's affected our buying. The face to face meeting of a friend on the site. I want to talk without a mask . I waited this long.I can wait longer. That's why i wrote this. Those who go to small shows your only kidding yourself. It's small I won't get it. ..and We all have to do our part. We do that the numbers will drop the vaccine will be out and the best part I will meet you at the shows.!! The prices are going up everywhere with coins. Dealers ebay other internet sites.. I write this because I'm worried. I was upset when Mokie and his family had somerhing. Thank God it wasn't covid.19. Kids.mow.are getting it. It's like this thing is in the clouds and dropping all over us. Please follow.The simple steps and protect yourself and others.Mask wash hands and face and stay home. Soon you know it this will be over. The next few months will tell us how were doing. I felt Some one has to write this. It affects every part of our hobby. Even club meetings have been cancelled.!. Yes this is a matter of life and death. Stay safe,Stay well . Yes America wins again!! And the light at the end of a tunnel is not a coming train!!! We will win out. All we have to do follow the rules. That simple..Thanks . Stay safe and stay well!!


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