25 May 2022

Blogs Will Be Coming!

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. I know its been a while since I posted a blog. This is because of physical reasons and doctors orders. I hope to be back in about two weeks hopefully less time than that. I feel like I'm not contributing to the site but I read some blogs and comment. This is all I can do at this point. However during this period I did become a Life Member. I know the ANA needs money and for given us this space to share make friends I decided why not. They have helped me many times. I want to say thanks to the yng for writing good blogs. I think this is the best group that we have had in a long time. They share there wins and losses. Mostly wins. They bring back memories of when I first started. So I say to the yng thanks for sharing. Below is the new card you get and new number .It also comes with a plaque. When I received it I felt very good that I did this.Those who can should consider becoming a life member. Your helping a organization that has that has helped thousands over the years. They break it down based on years you have been here and they set everything up. My plaque and card are beautiful. So think about it. You will be helping the group that helps us and only asks for a fee. For that reason I believe its worth it.. I'm having a hard time downloading the plaque. I will get that up so you can see what I mean. I told you I would get it. It means allot to me to give back what was given to me for free. New friends some blogs I read twice. I encourage more of us to write one. The research what I have learned here from other collectors you cannot put a price on. Of course with the good there is the bad. That's in every organization.

25 May 2022

THe History of Two and Three Cent Pieces

Coins | CC

The History of Two and Three Cent Pieces

24 May 2022

Doubled Die Coins

Coins | user_95183

Hello, everyone! Today I will be talking about doubled die coins and how they are made. Doubled dies are probably the most popular type of die variety on coins and there is a lot to know about them, so let’s dive in.

23 May 2022

Coin Toning

Coins | user_95183

Hello, everyone! Today I will be going over the basics of toning on coins and how it occurs. Toning is very important in the coin collecting world, as unattractive toning can decrease a coin’s value significantly, while attractive toning can increase a coin’s value significantly. There is a lot to know, so let’s dive in!

21 May 2022

My Trip to the Smithsonian National Coin Collection!

Coins | CoinCollector7777

Hi everyone, I just went to the Smithsonian National Coin Collection! I saw some really cool coins (and bills), including the one and only 1849 double eagle, the 1933 double eagle, and three 1804 silver dollars! Oh, and also one of the five 1913 liberty nickels (very cool)! I would recommend going there. Now, for the pictures! The first one is me beside the safe door that locks the exhibit (face reveal!). The second one is the 1849 double eagle (pretty scratched up). The third one is the 1933 double eagle. The fourth, fifth, and sixth are the three 1804 silver dollars. The seventh is the side of a Saint-Gaudens double eagle (really thick)! The eighth is a 1913 liberty nickel. Oh, and a bonus, YNs get 100 YN dollars for visiting this very exciting coin exhibit! Anyways, thanks for reading, and see ya!

21 May 2022

I'm Back!

Coins | CoinCollector7777

Hi everyone, I just went to the Smithsonian National Coin Collection! I saw a bunch of awesome coins and bills, including 3 1804 silver dollars, the 1933 double eagle, and the 1849 double eagle (one of a kind)! I don't have pictures right now, but I will make another blog showing them. And sorry I haven't been active at all recently, I will try to be on more. Thanks for reading!

19 May 2022

Coins Of 1815

Coins | CopperCollector

Out of all denominations coined at the mint only three out of the ten denominations were struck at the mint in the year 1815. The war of 1812 probably caused this shortage in change. The war of 1812 was fought between the Americans and the English. England was already at war with Napolean so they were very stretched. They decided to kidnap sailors from American vessels to use in their navy. Long story short they got into a war and all the ports were blockaded. That meant not planchets were coming from England. If you own a "Redbook" you will notice that there are now coins made from 1812 to 1814. Finally the war came to close in 1815 and the mint struck just a few dozen coins from leftovers. The mintages of each coin during 1815 doesn't ever exceed 100,000 coins. The lowest value coin to be minted in 1815 was the quarter dollar. John Reich designed this coin it would be a type 1 Capped bust quarter. These are my personal favorite of the two types. All were struck at the Philadelphia mint. The capped bust quarter weighs a bought 6.74 grams and has a reeded edge. The 1815 capped bust quarter is the second rarest coin by mintages. Only the 1822 has a smaller mintage. The capped bust quarter has the largest mintage of the three coins discussed. 89,325 were struck at the Philadelphia mint. Half dollars just barely made it into circulation with only 47,150 were struck. All were struck at the Philadelphia mint. During the war the British reached Washington D.C, Barely any gold or silver was deposited at the mint for coinage. Mint employees found an 1812 half dollar die in usable condition. They punched a five onto the die and were ready to strike the 1815/2 half dollars. The half dollars weighed 13.5 grams and the edge was lettered. Fifty Cents was written on the edge. These half dollars like the quarter were designed by John Reich. The 1815 half dollar is only found as an overdate.The final coin is the 1815 half eagle or 5$ gold. This coins was designed by Robert Scot. It weighs 8.75 grams and has a reeded edge. Because of the shortages gold was very valuable. The mintages of the 1815 half eagle show this as only 635 were minted. The mint got so desperate that they melted almost all of the 1815 half eagles leaving only a dozen for collectors to enjoy. These were also struck at the Philadelphia mint because it was the only government mint working. All 1815 gold half eagles grade very high for an early gold coin.Summing it up. The war caused a lot of shortages especially with the coins. No planchets were received from England so all planchets had to be leftovers or American made. The 1815 Quarter Half and five dollar were the only coins minted during 1815. 30% were made or 3 out of 10. The highest mintages were well under 100,000 coins. All the 1815 coins are very desirable coins that came from a turbulent couple years of war.

17 May 2022

The Gist of My Collection

Coins | user_79030

First things first. My collection isn't that amazing, but I love it. The history the coins have been through, the variety, and the coins in general. I just thought I'd share a quick description of my collection with you guys. First on my list, the coins. (Yes, I also collect banknotes.) I have a lot of coins, but, the crowned jewel is definitely my collection of wheat cents. I am only missing a few, and I have around 750 extras that are already in my book. Some coins I am missing are the 1909-S VDB, the early "S" mint mark coins, and some others. I also like to collect older coins no longer minted, such as buffalo nickels, franklin and walking liberty halves, walking liberty quarters, liberty coins, barber coins, and others. I absolutely love collecting silver coins. (I would collect gold but I can't afford it. :( ) Some of my silver coins include: Washington and walking liberty quarters, franklin and walking liberty halves, barber dimes, random commemoratives, and some others. Speaking of commemoratives, I have a couple of them. There isn't really all that much to talk about there though. Another type of coin I collect is world coins. I have an entire 5 pound bag full of them. I have some from modern times, but my oldest one is from the 1920's. I love the ones with multiple colors. Around 10% of them are canadian, but some of them are from really really far away. That's all for the coin portion! Next on my list, banknotes. (Told You ;) ) I like to collect world banknotes, too. I have an entire book and a half filled with them. My favorite is definitely the soccer commemorative from Russia. It is very cool. I also like to collect silver certificates. I have one from 1957, two from 1935, and one from 1934. (One of the 1935s is a star note.) I like to collect cool serial numbers as well. Since I don't come into contact with money very often, I don't have any of the good ones. (ie. ladders, repeaters, radars, etc.) I do have some mildly infuriating almost-binaries-but-actually-trinaries, and an almost perfect repeater. I also collect some forms of error. I have a one dollar bill that has extra print on it, and another that has one of the numbers on the serial number raised slightly. I also have one of every currently printed denomination just in case they stop being minted. Other than that, I mostly just have a bunch of miscellaneous $2 bills. And that wraps up the dollar bill portion. This is the end of my blog post. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Bye!

16 May 2022


Coins | user_74766

I turn 70 last January and I'm just getting into coin collecting. I have watched a ton of YouTube videos. Im hungry to learn more. QUESTION: I bought a microscope for looking at coins but I don't know what the best software is to download. Any suggestions?


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