04 Oct 2022


Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. I hope you are all well. I posted this coin on my blog when the Queen passed. I did not write anything about it. Then I found the C.O. A. . Now many say why do you need the C.O.A. ? I mean the coin is slabed and certified. Well I read it and realized why I keep these. The information contained in the C.O.A. has much more information than the label.I found out that they were numbered. This coin was number 15. I did not know that there was edge writing on this coin. I mean there is not edge writing on most if not all her coins.The edge writing states Shine Through The Ages! The mintage was only 8600. It also says that this was one of the first 100 struck . I mean I'm learning more and more as I read on. Now this was folded a long time so the important part is hard to read. I will write some of the highlights. Since the year 1282 the coins struck by the Royal Mint have been independently and rigorously checked to determine there quality and fineness. I find this remarkable. Since 1282. The next part is very interesting. The judicial ceremony is known as the trial of Pyx even today 700 years later it still takes place.Every year the Queens Remembrancer,ascertains basically that what you have matches the weight mm grms, that it should be along with the likeness.

03 Oct 2022


Coins | Haney

I decided today to let my Washington team take a break to allow you the chance to gaze upon a FIEND that will have you seeing double. Yes this does not just have one 1968, but two and likewise it has double D’s indicating its branch mint origin. This little fellow somehow after receiving the first strike shifted to the right in addition to turning a little more than ninety degrees all while another planchet slipped into the coining chamber below it. Then, WHAM! The dies came down leaving a clear impression for the year of issue and the mint it was issued from along with some whiskers and clothing in place of the base of the bust as the designer had intended. Now due to a planchet being in the chamber below the obverse parts of the motto E PLURBUS UNUM and all of STATES are distorted on my FIEND. It reminiscent of the images I could create with silly putty, the latest Sunday Funnies, and a little free time. All of that said I would like to think somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight, is a dateless Lincoln cent with a partial brockage STATES. Granted having no date this oddity, as I imagine it, would never show up in my searches. Though who knows this imagined piece may have also shifted to the right turning a little more than ninety degrees to be hammered once again this time being date stamped to be something truly exceptional. This being said it would have not been a double date despite being double struck. Of course that takes more supposition than I can infer from the evidence my little doubled dated Lincoln can offer us.

30 Sep 2022

Not Lost and not forgotten

Coins | user_9894

Well here I am again. I seem to have been lost in the vacuum of covid. Hope you are all well.I wanted to reduce some extra coins I had from the death of my father and decided to get a table at a local coin show. I knew it was a risk to take, but I was able to sell 4 Lots of foreign coins that I never thought I would get rid of. It paid for the table and I told them i would be back the following month.That time , I brought a group of Silver quarters and halves and I did much better.I will try again in January.It was a pleasant surprise to recoup some of the lost wealth accumulated in many ordinary coins.

29 Sep 2022


Coins | Haney

Well as I have been on a roll with my little band of Washington misfits, let us continue with two new performers one from the city of brotherly love and the other from the mile high city, strange I had to look the latter up despite having traveling thru there several times. These two chaps are a little on the skinny side weighing in at 4.6 and 4.7 grams respectively due to the fact they are short some covering. At some point in the process they both showed up to the coin press missing a layer of nickel that typically hides a wonderful layer of copper. Furthermore not only did they show up half dressed, but they both landed heads up prior to receiving their die impressions. So this way both the date and the error are together for your appreciation and more importantly mine. Not to say I do not have examples of particular irregularity in other denominations that is best appreciated by the reverse but those are just place holders, hopefully Franklin did not hear that, until I can find the numbers 1, 9, 6, and 8 on the copper side. Both of my fiends are graded uncirculated though visually the Philadelphia example has a lot of fire left whereas the Denver example has reached a warm red brown, if you’re a train nut it approximates mineral brown. Surprisingly both struck up rather well despite the reduction in volume of metal to work with, though the eagle is much sharper on the piece from the mother mint.

28 Sep 2022

My Lucky Day

Coins | Mike

Hi! Hope everyone is well. Thanks to Pete for getting the gremlins out of the system!. Now the title is lucky day. I have had some good luck and bad. This was good. A few years ago I guess it was four I was looking at the gov mint magazine. The had rolls of Ten Centavos. Now I wasn't big on foreign coins but these were not foreign. They were made at the Denver mint. They were very small. Smaller than our dime and made of silver. I said why were these coins made in Denver. Well before General MacArthur before he left the Philippines he dumped all the silver in to the Manila Bay. This was done so the Japanese could not buy ammunition to use against the armed forces. They were dated 1945. So how did I get lucky? They were not expensive so I liked them and pulled the trigger. I'm looking at the reverse and the then I looked at every letter including the mint mark even the three stars on the seal on the reverse were DD. So I looked them up. They were called the Allen-905b DD reverse. I checked with N.G.C. and there were only 27 of these in the high grade of MS 67. Do I send them in. I checked them under 30 power. Not a mark. I decided to send six in. Good luck was with me. The six I sent in came back all MS 67. The others I knew were less of MS 67 they were MS 66!!! This story gets better. I checked Heritage house on a guess these would be there. One was. It was a MS 66 and was auctioned of for a large sum of money I had no idea!!For one a MS 66. I waited about two years and sent one in. That's were the luck stopped. I didn't want someone getting a coin for free. So my mistake was I set a reserve!.It was to high. That's the story of my good luck. Somethings you buy on EBay and they don't know what there selling. I have seen that. This was a once in a lifetime find.Sam said that if they write a cherry pickers book on foreign coins one of these coins would be the cover. So now you get to know the importance of this find. Its a major rarity in this hobby

21 Sep 2022

Lewis and Clark Set Released May,24,2004

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. I hope your all well. Today I will write about a set. A special set never done by the mint before or after. Its about the Lewis and Clark expedition. Now we know that this expedition was one of this country's greatest ever undertaken.

18 Sep 2022

Morgan Dollars

Coins | user_22476

This is the history of the Morgan dollar. The Morgan dollar was made in 1878 at the Philadelphia mint. They were designed by George T. Morgan, hence the name. I believe that these coins are definitely the first coins sought out by beginners and experienced alike. I have 1921, 1893, and 1889 Mogan dollars. This coin is also very different from others, for example, it has the quote In God We Trust on the reverse and not the obverse. The eagle on the reverse is very strange and that is why the coin is nicknamed the buzzard coin. The lady on the coin also is not the usual lady liberty. In fact, somebody used to be the face of the dollar. Later, this same person was thrown in jail for being portrayed. There is so much more about the Morgan dollar which I will do later. Thank you!

14 Sep 2022

all my new coins!

Coins | BlackArrowCoin

hi guys! If you like awesome coins read this blog!So I went to that pawn shop that i talk about in my last blog and got some awesome stuff!first I got those indian heads for a dollar each, I choose better condition for resale and some that I needed for my collection.Next I got some from the c50 bin and took everything except a bent 1902 indian cent, there was a 1860 indian head cent, a 1826 Morton head large cent with a hole but still worth $10 on eBay, and the rest were just indian heads.Next I looked in the $5 bin found a 1853 large cent and 1866 two cent pieceI saw a 1817 morton head large cent for only $8. That was the last one, I went to pay still unsure wether I had enough cash or not. The total was $44.50 not bad when some of the coins were worth $40 on eBay. My mane mission was to find a twenty cent piece, they had one, but for $120.I have a friend how runs an estate sale business and sheeted me she had a coin she wanted to give me, the next time I saw her she gave me the coin. its a 1788 coin I'm not sure were its from but its a token not a coin.Thanks for reading if you liked this read my other post or follow and get the scoop.

12 Sep 2022


Coins | Longstrider


10 Sep 2022

The Fifty States of Coins: Part 29: New Hampshire

Coins | coinfodder

God, I haven't uploaded in what seems like a lifetime. Well, here we go, I'll try to upload about once or twice a month around my busy schedule... Well good news, im watching the ANA auction with Emily and Andy the fighting numismatist...so I have time...


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