27 May 2022

Massive Slab!

Coins | silverbug22

I bought a roll of ATB quarters about 2 years ago during the pandemic dip, and ever since I've wanted to get one in one of the massive NGC slabs. Grade wasn't really a concern for me seeing as I just wanted to have a huge slab to add to my silver collection, but I lucked out finding a near-perfect Australian Koala in PF69 UCAM for well below market (thanks to the most recent dip). I also was able to scoop up a gold 0.5 gram Kangaroo from the same seller, and although it is very, very small, I am a HUGE fan. I love the detail on such a small coin and it's extremely affordable despite being gold. And just for size reference, that Kangaroo is slightly smaller than a dime, showing just how massive that slab really is.

30 Dec 2021

Future of buying and selling coins online

| user_55494

Hello everyone and good day! Today I am here because I created a new business venture. So many people including me have experienced a fraudulent coin transaction online, in addition to almost becoming a victim of one. This is why I am starting The Coin Marketplace. This platform will be a secure platform where a third party(me) mediates a secure and verified coin transaction. If you buy, sell, or trade coins or bullion, be sure to give a follow and check it out. My goal is to help out as many people as possible while providing a safe space within the industry where you don't have to worry about fraud and scams. If you have any questions, you can ask them here or dm me on Instagram. This is anything but a scam, and I hope you see that. I am currently working on the ANA Diploma Program, and am working on getting a corporation license in the state of Florida. Thank you for listening, and happy collecting!@thecoinmarketplace on Instagram :)

01 Feb 2021

Precious Metal Prices

| user_Bill1713

Several online retailers of gold and silver bullion temporary stop selling various precious metal products (or were sold out) over the weekend due to the Reddit investor frenzy that moved from GameStop to the precious metal market and caused a spike in the price of silver last week.Going to keep an eye on this story.

02 Mar 2019

**Una and the Lion**

Coins-World | Kepi

This is my newest addition to my collection! This coin celebrates the 200th year anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria born on May 24th 1819 in Kensington Palace in London. She was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from June 20th 1837 until her death on Jan. 22nd 1901. The reverse design was created by 19th-century numismatic sculptor William Wyon and is a rendition of the famous Edmund Spenser's poem "Faerie Queene". It tells the story of Una and the Lion which follows Princess Una after St. George had slayed the dragon and rescued her. The words "DIEU ET MON DROIT" meaning "God on my Right", the motto of the British Monarch along with the year -MMXIX- are featured. The obverse of this coin is a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll, who is the great, great granddaughter of Queen Victoria. I think that's pretty cool! I really love this design as I think of my dog ( a giant Golden and Great Dane mix ) and myself, standing together facing all who try to enter our Kingdom... Thanks for reading my blog! All comments are welcomed! ; )

06 Jul 2018


Exonumia | Longstrider

No one has done it so I will. This is my Fathers Day gift blog. “Destiny Is Not A Matter Of Chance, It Is A Matter Of Choice.” This is what is inscribed on my 2 ounce silver bullion coin. This is the second coin in the Destiny Knight Series of coins. It is aptly called The Dragon.

07 May 2018


Coins-World | Longstrider

Today I just received my new Libertad for this year. A bright and shiny 2018 Silver Libertad almost directly from Mexico. I’m a big fan of the silver Libertad. I wish I could afford the gold ones but maybe someday. This series of coins is very similar to our Silver American Eagles, SAE’s. They are one ounce of silver. They come out every year and they are the same design each year. Mexico does do them in some fractional weights of 1/20, 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, 1 oz, 2 oz., 5 oz and 1 kilogram. This example has the modern diameter of 40 mm’s.. It is a Brilliant Uncirculated and is also available in proof. They have been smaller in diameter in some of the earlier dates. They first came out in 1986 and were 36 mm..It is minted in the Casa de Moneda , the Mexican National Mint, located in Mexico City. It is the oldest mint in all the Americas. Opening in 1535, by Spanish decree. This coin is made of 0.999 pure silver. The obverse features the modern national coat of arms at center with the eagle facing left. It is encircled by the legend ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS above and a half wreath of oak and laurel below. Surrounding that centered design is a ring of 10 Mexican coats of arms. The reverse has Mexico’s Winged Liberty on a stand in three quarter profile facing left. A wreath of laurel is in her right hand, a broken chain in her left. In the background is the Valley of Mexico. In the far distance are the mountains Ixtaccihuatl and Popocatepetl. Reading clockwise from the left is the legend 1 ONZA/PLATA PURA/2018/LEY.999.. In the field to the right is the mintmark. I am unable to type it but it is a M with a small o on top of it. If you are unfamiliar with the story of the mountains, I encourage you to look it up. It’s one of Mexico’s greatest love stories. It has a reeded edge. Since the coin has no national value it is a bullion coin. I find these Libertad’s a nice, lower priced coin to collect. There are a few varieties out there so it is worth checking out. Thanks for your time. Please feel free to leave comments.

27 Dec 2017

**Ancient Egyptian God Series** SOBEK

Exonumia | Kepi

Hi Everyone! I would like to share with you my latest addition to my silver collection! It's the third in the series " Ancient Egyptian Gods" by Sunshine Mint. Known as the Lord of the Waters, "Sobek". He is the God of strength, power and fertility. He has a protective instinct and guarded the Pharaoh, the Egyptian people and the army. Crocodile mummies have been found in many tombs still guarding the person who was lain to rest there. This is a heavy duty round of 2 ounces of pure silver stamped in an ultra high relief design. This Egyptian Crocodile God stands with crossed arms, carries a staff and wears a headdress. Behind him flows the Nile River with plants growing from the soil to symbolize fertility. The reverse depicts a pyramid covered with a wall of hieroglyphics. While a crocodile lays atop a table depicting Nile River motifs of waves and fish. Inscriptions include “2 oz,” “999,” and “Ag.” I'm really looking forward to the fourth God in this series. Yet to be revealed... Thank you for looking and your comments!

05 Dec 2017

*Cleopatra* Egyptian Gods Series

Exonumia | Kepi

Now who doesn't like Egyptian history and mythology... Gods, magic, pyramids, mummies, exotic women*** I love this stuff...all the way back to when "Abbott and Costello Met the Mummy"... haha With that said I had to have this collection! The first in the series is "Cleopatra" which is a 2 oz. High Relief Silver Round. The obverse of Cleopatra is sculpted in the style of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic carvings. Rising from the surface of the round, Cleopatra comes to life through subtle movement, indicated by the space intentionally left void behind her neck. Because her face is not incused, she appears to be moving forward. To her right is the cartouche of Cleopatra, a vertical oval featuring a horizontal line at the bottom, signifying that the inner text was a name of royal lineage. To the left of Cleopatra sits the Eye of Horus, sculpted by Heidi Wastweet. Below the Eye of Horus sits a bowl of figs, which Cleopatra's servants used to smuggle in a poisonous snake called an asp, which slithers down her shoulder and neck. It is widely believed that Cleopatra committed suicide through the lethal bite of an asp. The reverse features the Goddess Isis, of whom Cleopatra was said to be the reincarnation. The banner of the scarab beetle rests below. The scarab beetle was a symbol of great power in ancient Egyptian mythology, responsible for pushing the sun into the sky at dawn.The Hieroglyphics on the field were taken from ancient Egyptian papyri, featuring writings about Cleopatra. The pattern to the left and right of the weight-and-purity hallmark can be found on the outer wall of the Temple of Horus. They represent a bed of lotus reeds blooming in the Nile. This is a beautiful design and the weight of it in your hand really feels like you are holding a hunk of silver! Thanks for your comments!

02 Dec 2017

The Queen’s Beasts Collection

Coins - World | FortWorthCollector

I just added a new collection for everyone to check out on my profile. The Queen’s Beasts series is already 4 coins in to a 10 coin set. I have added the first three to my collection and I am waiting on the fourth.


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