08 Mar 2023

Purchasing a 1795 Large Cent

Young Numismatists Exchange | The Error Collector

Our local coin show was held last month. They have the coin show twice a year. I like the coin shows because I can help at the kids table, show an exhibit, buy coins, and say hello to the dealers. We helped set up tables the night before the show started. In the morning of the show, we went and quickly set up our exhibits. Then we went and enjoyed a hike with our grandparents that were visiting us. After the hike we went home, had lunch, and dropped them off at the airport. After we dropped them off, we went back to the coin show. I walked around browsing the dealers' cases and saw several interesting coins. I also sold several of my coins that I did not want in my collection anymore. About half an hour later I was still browsing and looking for the first thing I wanted to purchase that day when I came across a dealer that had several large cents. Because I collect large cents, I quickly got interested and looked through the dealer's box. Next to the other coins there was a 1795 S-78 (Sheldon-78) large cent in the grade AG-3 that I quickly noticed. It caught my eye! Not having that date of large cent in my album I asked the dealer how much it cost. After looking at it he said that it cost more money than I brought with me to the show. I had my dad drive me home to pick up more money. After I went back to the coin show I went back to that dealers table and bought the large cent then I wandered around and bought several other large cents that I needed for my collection.

17 Jan 2023

Am I Cursed? I Purchased an Old Illuminati Coin!

Tokens | theCollectorOfCoins

As a coin dealer it's important to buy coins when the opportunity arises. Sometimes that opportunity surfaces at a coin show (such as the case of this video). Often, people come to coin shows with 1 of 2 objectives in mind. 1: to look at and potentially buy coins to add to their collection or 2. to sell coins they have. This video features scenario 2. Someone came to my table to sell coins in a collection they I think inherited. They wanted to sell everything together instead of piecemeal. I made an offer and purchased the entire lot. This video shows what I purchased and to my surprise it contained a Masonic Token or Medal from 1908 (celebrating 100 years). The token looks like it's an Old Illuminati token. Very cool and very mysteriousCheck out the YouTube video to see more (https://youtu.be/Ye1slPWF5ds)

19 Dec 2022

We Found a Diamond in a Herd of Buffalos! Coin Hunting for Variety Nickels

Coins | theCollectorOfCoins

A dealer friend of mine & I went to a coin show and met with a bunch of other coin dealers to find and buy Buffalo Nickel's in Bulk. My friend is working on a special coin show event featuring the Buffalo Nickel and he is assembling rolls of Buffalo Nickels so someone can win scarce or rare variety Buffalo Nickels (like the 1937-D 3-Legged Buffalo). Well in buying thousands of Nickels, you know we just had to review and grade every single one of them. We also looked for Varieties and Key Date Buffalo Nickels.CHECK OUT THE FULL VIDEO BY VISITING THIS YOUTUBE LINK: https://youtu.be/XGHGuMoVC0c

12 Dec 2022

King Charles Won’t Be On Canadian Cents…

Coins | theCollectorOfCoins

Have you ever found an error coin or a rare variety? Imagine finding one worth $400K. the 1936 Canadian Cent has one such variety. There are only 5 known with a dot (a single dot) under the date. Imagine the chaos that could ensue if the succession plan of British Monarchs was unknown or suddenly derailed. With the passing of Queen Elizabeth, her successor (King Charles) as well as his successor (Prince William) has been known for quite a long time. Well in 1936, that succession plan had a wrench thrown at it. Check out the full video at this link: https://youtu.be/iTSldoQfDaw

13 Jun 2022

Helping at a Coin Show

Young Numismatists Exchange | 1877 Indian Head Cent

I like to attend coin shows. When I am there, I can help at the kid’s table. I am not old enough to be a page and help the dealers, but one day I will be big enough to help the dealers. At the kid’s table I can help introduce people to coin collecting. We have trivia games with prizes such as coin albums and coins. We have coloring books and crayons. We have information about how to help kids start a coin collection. We have foreign coins and US coins that we give out when they finish the trivia. The foreign coins are from lots of different countries. The US coins are Wheat Cents, Lincoln Memorial Cents, Westward Journey Nickels, and 2006 brilliant uncirculated nickels. The books were provided by our coin club. The albums and coins were donated by coin club members. The American Numismatic Association (ANA) can provide materials too. At the coin show, some dealers even bring coins over to the kid’s table to give them away. The dealers sometimes give coins out specially for me because I am helping at the kid’s table.

28 Feb 2020

2020 55th Annual West Chester Coin Show

Coin Shows | Numismatics with Kenny

Hi Everyone,I will be setting up at the 2020 55th Annual West Chester Coin Show in West Chester, PA this Sunday March 1, 2020. If you are in the area, please come by and say hello. 10 AM to 4 PM Quality Inn 943 South High Street, West Chester, PA 19382Thank you,Kenny

04 Feb 2020

Holding History

Ancient Coins | skywolf

Coin shows and swaps are a great way to expand a person’s collection. It allows you to see and handle currency firsthand, as well as converse with fellow collectors. I especially enjoy speaking with the more experienced enthusiasts who love to support the younger generation. There is a wonderful annual coin swap in my hometown that I enjoy visiting whenever possible. One year at the local swap I was fortunate enough to find a small number of Ancient Roman coins that had been unearthed at Hadrian’s Wall. This was an exciting find for me because I had never had such an opportunity before. The coins were not in very good condition, but it was thrilling to be able to hold something so ancient in the palm of my hand. To think of all of the ancient people who had held the coins before me was astounding and exciting. What was even better, was that I found them while digging through a half price bin. It is one my absolute favorite coin collecting memories and it even inspired my mom to write an entire time travel series based around my Hadrian's Wall coins!

18 Jan 2020

What I did at the 2020 Wilmington Coin Show

| copper coin collector

Hello, numismatic friends,Today I went to the annual Wilmington (DE) Coin Show. It is the first time I've been to a coin show, and I had a great time! I attended the YN program and got a few free foreign coins as well as a 2013 $1 star note. Oh, and I also got a free Mercury Dime. After the YN program was over, I looked through many coins that dealers were offering and bought a 1922 'D' wheat cent in VF condition for $20. I will attend another coin show if I get the chance.Thanks for reading, copper coin collector

22 Aug 2019

World's Fair of Money 2019

World's Fair of Money | iccoins

It's been quite a while since I last posted a blog post. Unfortunately, I ran out of new, unique ideas of things to write. Anyways, I finally have a new blog! Last weekend, I went to the World's Fair of Money in Rosemont, Illinois at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. I went on the final day of the show, on Saturday. Unfortunately, last week was the first week of school, so I wasn't able to go to the show during the week. I really wanted to go every day of the show so I could be sure to see everything, talk to dealers, and go to the cool events. Saturday was still fun, even though many of the dealers decided to start their trek home and left either before the show on Saturday or sometime mid-day. It was nice getting in at 9:30, though. Since it was the free day for everyone, I assumed there would be a lot more people there, but even by noon, there still wasn't a super large crowd, which was quite nice.


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