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Elevate Your Club with ANA Membership

Check out the links in the Resources and Services menu, and explore the many benefits of ANA Club membership with this 23-slide presentation below. Click the three black vertical dots in the slideshow navigation menu for more options.


SLIDE PRESENTATION: The American Numismatic Association —Who We Are and What We Do

This informative 13-slide presentation highlights ANA programs and resources. Feel free to bookmark this web page and use the slideshow at your next club meeting or numismatic presentation. Click the three black vertical dots in the slideshow navigation menu for more options.

Read the free eBook, A Guide for Organizing, Operating and Growing a Successful Coin Club, from Bill Fivaz.

The guide contains strategies and suggestions, including:

► How to attract new members

► How to encourage YN membership

► How to make your club relevant and unique

► Tips for retaining members

► How to stay connected with members

► Much more!


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