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25 Aug 2015

Amanda's World's Fair Of Money Report

| Amanda Varner

Hello hello!

I know I haven't been visiting the forums as much these past three months or so, but both my work and personal lives have been crazy. Hopefully, this show report will make up a little bit for my lost time.

We had a fantastic show in Chicago, one of the busiest in recent memory -- I don't think I talked to a single dealer who had a bad show. Chicago itself is a fantastic, and I got to check out a new piece of town! And of course, I met a few forum friends ...

Please enjoy!

Amanda's Coin Show Chronicles: ANA World's Fair, 2015



Level 4



Level 5

Wish I could go.


Level 5

wish i could go to that coin show


Level 4

Very nice! Thanks!


Level 6

Great blog, as usual. Thanks Amanda. I especially like your Coin Porn!


Level 5

It sounds and looks like you had a great time taking full advantage of everything offered.


Level 6

Thanks Amanda! I always enjoy your stories!

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