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18 Jun 2015

It's Summer Seminar Time!

Summer Seminar | Amanda Varner

I’m so excited to once again have the opportunity to attend the ANA’s annual Summer Seminar! This will be my third year in a row of what I affectionately call “Coin Nerd Camp”, and I absolutely can’t wait. While I’m away, Life At The Coin Shop won’t be updated, but be sure to follow me onTwitterandInstagramfor live updates of the week long seminar!

Ichronicled my adventuresduring Intermediate Coin Grading (Grading 2) last year, and alsoposted my class notes. I intend to do the same for this year’s adventures and class, so be sure to check back soon for the full detailed Chronicles!

I’ll see everyone on the other side of Colorado Springs!



Level 5

Sounds good.


Level 5

It sounds like it was well worth the time, effort and money!


Level 6

Hope you enjoyed it!!

Amanda Varner

Level 4

Thanks, guys. :)


Level 6

Thanks Amanda! Have a great time!


Level 5

Have Fun!

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