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30 Jun 2015

Summer Seminar Grading 2 Class Notes, 2015

| Amanda Varner

Hello, all!

I’ve just returned from my third year in Colorado Springs for the annual ANA Summer Seminar where I took Intermediate Coin Grading. I had a complete blast, and a full write up on my week away at Coin Camp will be up soon.

Last year, I shared my notes from the class and received such an overwhelmingly positive response I knew I had to do it again this year. I took the same course as I did last year despite doing well the first time around because I wanted to be sure to have an incredibly strong foundation before moving on to the next level — and the fact that the three instructors, David McCarthy of Kagin’s, John Schuch Jr. of NGC, and Steve Feltner of Americana Rare Coins, are some of my best friends in coin-nerd-land hadabsolutely nothing to do with my decision.

I brought my trusty iPad along with me, and took down nearly everything the three instructors said whether it was new information to me or not, in bullet-point form. Some of the points may lack some context, but there are some real gems of information to be found in these notes and it’s my hope that they may help another fellow coin nerd out.


Summer Seminar Class Notes



Level 5

Good idea to take notes on your iPad.


Level 5

Great information. Thanks!


Level 6

Those are great notes. Thanks for sharing. I just got back from week 2. One can't adequately describe the experience!

Amanda Varner

Level 4

I hope both of you can make it next year! :)


Level 6

Great notes Amanda! Wish I could have attended too...like World_Coin_Nut says " maybe next year! "


Level 5

Thoroughly enjoyable. Wish I could have attended. Hopefully next year.

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