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27 Aug 2014

Tales Of The Kennedy Madness

World's Fair of Money | Amanda Varner

By now the entire numismatic world has heard of The Kennedy Madness that gripped thousands of people at the ANA’s World’s Fair Of Money, 2014.

I’m not going to talk about the Kennedy coins; there have been volumes said already, and my personal experience with them was limited to marveling at the hordes and once walking up and down the line of 750 people looking for friends in the line around 11pm.

That being said, the spectacle of the lines themselves were something to behold, and I enlisted the aid of two friends and fellow CoinTalkers, Joe Ceravone aka Jaceravone Ryan aka TravIntiques to tell the story.  Each wrote a piece about their experiences sleeping on the sidewalk for a chance to get the gold, and all I can say is I’m glad it wasn’t me!




Level 4

Currently (June/2017), it appears you can purchase the same 1964- 2014 Gold Kennedy for less than the Mint issue price in the original holders and in third party graded SP70 condition for near or less than the issue price.... without the stress of the que line.


Level 6

That was by far the worst coin show I've ever attended. The focus was totally on the gold Kennedy.


Level 7

It was terrible. From everything I read it was a madhouse. Uncalled for.


Level 5

It sounds like the comic strip Dilbert could post coverage of this for a month :)


Level 5

Okay... Very Strange Indeed.

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