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20 Oct 2014

The Hunt For Mr. Loveless

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Back in December of 2013, I was going through our boxes of raw coins when I came across a counterstamped 1853 seated half dollar. The coin with its hole piqued my interest, and I wanted to know more about Mr. Loveless. In fairly short order, my Google skills failed me so I thought I would try my luck onCoin Talk(another coin forum I frequent). My post was responded to by a number of knowledgeable counterstamp experts and collectors, one of whom was Mr. Bruce R. Mosher.

Bruce was also intrigued by my counterstamped coin, and he became determined to find Mr. Loveless. Over the next 5 to 6 weeks, Bruce would come back to the thread with regular updates on his research and I would be astounded anew each time at his persistence.

In the end, Bruce found Mr. Loveless. I was so impressed by his sleuthing skills that I thought it only right that Mr. Loveless go to live with him. Mr. Loveless made one last journey to his forever home, and time passed.

A few weeks back, I thought of Mr. Loveless once again and all the work Bruce put into finding him. I asked Bruce if he would share his story of the hunt for Mr. Loveless, and he graciously agreed ...

The Hunt For Mr. Loveless



Level 7

Very well done. I still don't understand why people insist on wearing coins as jewelry.


Level 5

Great story! Thanks for sharing.


Level 5

Great Story!

Amanda Varner

Level 4

Thank you so much, Longstrider! :) And yes, I love Coin Talk ... while I frequent several coin forums, Coin Talk is probably my favorite one for information and real coin-friends.


Level 6

Great story. Thanks for sharing. Now I have a couple of new, to me, coin forums to watch. Everyone should read the full story. Fantastic. It's like a real life episode of Columbo. Sorry if you are too young to recognise the show.

Amanda Varner

Level 4

Thank you. :)


Level 4



Level 5


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