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26 Feb 2014

New book celebrates American Bison in numismatics

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Q. David BowersWhitman Publishing announces the release of "Buffalo Coins: America's Favorite - The American Bison on Coins, Tokens, Medals, and Paper Money." The 160-page, full-color book by Q. David Bowers will be available for checkout from the Dwight N. Manley Numismatic Library in March 2014 as well as from booksellers nationwide and online, including at Whitman.com.

"The American bison, nicknamed the buffalo, is a part of our national history and popular culture," said Bowers, the coin hobby's most prolific author. "Nowhere is this great animal more appreciated than in numismatics - the art, science, and enjoyment of collecting coins, tokens, medals and paper money." Now, in this richly illustrated new book, Bowers relates the history-and predicts the future - of the "Monarch of the Plains." 

A main focus of the book is the image of bison on American coins (including the famous and popular 1913-1938 Buffalo nickel, state quarters, commemoratives and others). A chapter on the bison in American pop culture covers songs, advertising, sports teams, postage stamps, Buffalo Bill and other Wild West shows, movies, television, jokes and more. Finally, Bowers looks forward to the promising future of this noble animal. 

Contents include: 

  • The American Bison: A History and Appreciation  
  • The Famous "Buffalo" Nickel  
  • More Bison in American Numismatics  
  • The American Bison in Popular Culture  
  • Selected Buffalo and Bison Places on the Map  
  • Looking Forward: The Future of the American Bison  
  • Plus these resources for coin collectors:  A Virtual Buffalo Nickel Collection, A Buffalo Nickel Check List and Record Sheet, The Three-Legged Buffalo and Other Varieties, Grading Buffalo Nickels 

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"Buffalo Coins: America's Favorite" will be available online and from hobby shops and bookstores nationwide. Its retail price is $14.95. Members of the American Numismatic Association (money.org) can borrow the book for free from the Dwight N. Manley Numismatic Library.




Level 7

I was expecting the name f the buffalo. Black Diamond. He we from the central park zoo. The names of the three Indians I have mentions on another blog. This is history. I even know there tribes. Information means history.


Level 6

I have this book in my library and it is as described above! It's a wonderful book packed full of info and photo's. Anyone interested in Buffalo Nickels or history should get this book. Plus it's written by Q. David Bowers, who is an amazing writer!

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