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03 Feb 2014

One of the Best Coin Weeks of Your Life

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Written by: Michael S. Fey

Would you like to experience one of the best coin weeks of your life?  Consider attending the American Numismatic Association's Summer Seminar touted as "The best education in numismatics.  PERIOD." I totally agree. 

I attended my first seminar in Colorado Springs, Colo., in 1995 with my son Alex who was only 10 years old at the time. Colorado Springs in June is just beautiful. Spending a week at the ANA, visiting the museum and library, eating meals, talking face-to-face with numismatic luminaries and taking a class on the numismatic subject of my dreams was absolute numismatic heaven. 

I've since returned to Summer Seminar more than half a dozen times, taken several ANA grading courses, even repeated one, and taught on several occasions. It is simply  wonderful every time I go. But, don't take my word for it. Just go back to some prior summer issues of your favorite coin newspaper and you'll see others touting the Summer Seminar as one of the best weeks of their lives. 

The old adage, "you don't know what you don't know," applies to the various seminars given by the ANA. For example, I'll be teaching "Collecting/Investing in Morgan Dollars: A Comprehensive Approach" in Session I. Whether you are a novice, dealer or investor, regardless of your collecting level, you will likely learn something of value that will more than offset the cost of the trip. I would dare to say that it might pay (save) many multiples of that cost in your future numismatic endeavors.

You will learn the nuances of collecting by date and mint mark, as well as the importance of strike, toning and eye appeal. Key die states, proof-like and deep mirror proof-like coins, extant populations, grading and grading services, pricing and cutting edge research will also be discussed. We will present on Morgan dollar proofs, patterns and errors. Using actual examples, you will learn about collecting/investing in Morgan dollars from three knowledgeable experts in the field: Isaac Wallie, professional numismatist at APMEX; John Baumgart, President, Society of Silver Dollar Collectors; and me.                                 

You can attend "Bull Sessions" in the evenings or go on a variety of very nice local excursions. There will be an auction, a local coin show, and a banquet at the end of the seminar to round out the fun. 

You would think the cost of a nearly week long education, along with a shared room and meals would cost several thousand dollars. It's under $1,200! That, plus the cost of airfare to Colorado Springs is all it takes, that is, if you can book early enough with the ANA to get space in the class of your choice.      

There are two Summer Seminar sessions at the ANA. Session I is from June 21st-26th.  Session II is from June 28th-July 3rd.  The 46th Annual Summer Seminar Course Catalog is online at Money.org.  For further information contact Amber Bradish at the ANA at 719-482-9865 or email abradish@money.org. 



Level 7

One of the best coin weeks was when I bought two clad half dollars. I received a sp69. It turns out there was a planchet problem. Most of those coins were graded SP 67. Now something I paid twenty bucks for goes for two thousand. That's a good week.

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