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01 Jul 2013

Photos: Session 2 of Summer Seminar courses begin

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Written by: Brandon Ortega



Quotes of the day

"I have learned more about coins in the past 24 hours than I have in months." -Matthew Scholar, Young Numismatist

"My goal is to have fun and make sure those who take my course have fun." -David Schenkman, Summer Seminar Instructor

"I am most looking forward to meeting other YN's, learning about coins and making life-long friends." -Olivia Beauvais, Young Numismatist

"I took the course 'Military Numismatics Since 1930' because I am interested in the impact of numismatics in the military, especially WWII. Class has been interesting and has helped to answer a lot of questions I had before I came here." -Bob Jaques, Summer Seminar Student.

"My grading course is going to be a big help in determining the condition of my coins." -Raymond Hawkins, Young Numismatist


*To view more photos from ANA Summer Seminar search the hash tag #ANASummerSeminar on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterst. ?

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