2015 National Money Show Museum Showcase | 1933 Indian Head $10 Gold Eagle


    U.S. Coin


    1933 Indian Head $10 Gold Eagle




    The 1933 Indian Head $10 gold eagle is the only gold US coin of 1933 that is legal to own (apart from a single 1933 double eagle), yet it is largely unknown to collectors. In common with its larger relative, the $20 1933, most of the 312,500 Eagles minted in 1933 were melted down when gold was demonetized by Executive Order #6260 shortly after their release. The result is that there are only about 3 dozen examples known today, almost all in mint state. These survivors were purchased directly from the mint very early in the year and never had a chance to circulate widely before the gold recall. Thus, the $10 Eagle is the rarest of the series, yet enough exist to make them collectible.

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