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22 Feb 2019

A most unusual acquisition

Exonumia | wdhyder

I am always on the look out for the unusual, mysteries to be solved, or something I can tell a story about. Now it can be said that I have literally bought a piece of crap, really a pressed facsimile of a buffalo nickel.

I suppose it should be properly described. It is 53.4 mm in diameter and weighs 11.93 grams. It has been shellaced (lacquered?),  so it probably won't make it in a holder. I have not subjected it to xrf analysis, so I cannot be positive about the exact nature of the alloy, but it does appear to contain a lot of straw on close analysis.

The dealer I bought it from claims it is a "Trigger" Nickel. You know Trigger, the most famous of several palamino horses owned by Roy Rogers. Trigger used to stand, a beautiful example of taxidermy, in the former Roy Rogers and Dale Evans museum in Victorville, California. He was famous for his tricks, his ability to walk on his hind legs, signing his X when giving autographs, sitting in a chair, and being housebroken so he could visit children in the hospital or admirers in hotels and theaters.

People loved Trigger and wanted something to remember him by. The story goes that the stable manager at Roy Rogers Apple Valley Ranch came up with the idea to press Trigger's manure (road apples) into souvenir nickels. These were reportedly sold at the Los Angeles County Fair in the 1950s.

Happy Trails (and collecting) to You.


AC coin$

Level 6

THANKS for giving status and real value of that what one likes and it shows in your postings. It means you feel rather than just simply collect. And I hope to become your friend.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Fantastic story and an interesting piece of exonumia. Poor old Trigger and Bullet. They were part of my Saturday mornings childhood along with Sky King. Somehow, they deserved better than getting stuffed.


Level 5

I would have bought it for the story alone. Neat piece of history.


Level 6

Wow! That's really interesting... ; ) haha Love the blog!

It looks like a piece of crap (garbage, I mean), but it's actually pretty cool.


Level 4

WOW! What a neat blog. Thank you.


Level 6

It's real. I've been to Apple Valley several times. It's real.. I forget where they moved Trigger to. Maybe Gene Autry museum?? Thanks.. Nice pick up.

It's Mokie

Level 6

From RoadsideAmerica.com https://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/2890 "July 15, 2010:: The museum collection was auctioned off by Christie's. The winning bid for Trigger was $266,500, by Omaha-based RFD-TV, a cable company that specializes in programming about farming and horses. The company bought bullet as well, and subsequently took the two stuffed relics on tour." Been many years though, I wonder where Trigger and Bullet are now.?


Level 6

That is quite the story.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, Pressed Horse DooDoo, at least Roy didn't make them into miniature Triggers, that would have been really crappy.


Level 6

Yes, that's unusual all right!


Level 7

I have said it a hundred times every coin tells a story all you have to do is research look up the history show the pictures everyone. This is not a coin but there is alot of history behind it. You must of liked it you bought it. They really sold shares in Trigger. After he died. It is unique I will say that. I wouldn't want to make it. Thanks.

Those sounds disgusting, but maybe, if it was it would be a historic acquisition, however it would be a literal piece of crap.

Ain't nobody gonna slab that. Odd and unusual, but i like it. Makes a great paperweight.

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