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17 Jun 2014

ANA Badges and Medals

Exonumia | wdhyder

Tried to post this in forums and did, but the image did not post. Cannot create a collection from my ANA, maybe including a picture in a blog creates a collection? and it did finally post. I thought I created a collection, but it seems to be gone. I will try again eventually.



Level 5

Great looking medal!


Level 5

Good job, by the way where did you get it.


Level 4

Nice pictures!


Level 5

Interesting picture! Nice detail!


Level 6

Nice photography!

Dollar Guy

Level 5

My first ANA medal I acquired was the Money Museum Dedication Medal from October 1967 it is in a capital holder. Then I was given the ANA medal from the ANA Convention in Houston, Texas., which I acquired at the ANA Summer Seminar in 2013.

Like the pictures, I think that sometimes it is me that is the problem, then there could still be some bugs

I had some similar issues posting and uploading photos. I'm sure the tech team will work the bugs out soon. This is a great forum. Bytheway, great photography Wdhyder!


Level 5

That is an awesome medal!


Level 4

By the way, is that one of Your pictures there? It has been done very well in my opinion.


Level 4

Yes, it is my photo. I enjoy photographing my collection and exploring ways to display the pieces via photography.


Level 4

Seems you found out how. I had similar experience happen to me where I could not post more then 1 picture at a time. Although I figured out that you can you just have to repeat several steps to post more pictures. I started a collection today to test it out and have left reports and comments as well. Dar


Level 4

Please be sure you report bugs you find during the beta! Forum posts will last forever (unless we manually find and delete). Thank you for helping test before launch!

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