wdhyder's Blog

19 Jan 2018

Mystery Medal

Exonumia | wdhyder

I enjoy researching interesting tokens and medals. Sometimes they stump me. Pictured here is one such stumper. I am hoping that someone reading this blog will have some idea about what this particular medal commemorates.My best guess? The obverse shows the American eagle superimposed on the Rising Sun. I have not had luck translating the Japanese characters in the sun's rays, although one attempt suggested they say Otojiro. The reverse suggests the piece commemorates the sailing of the Otojiro. Enomo to Seattle on June 9, 1904. I do not know if that is a sailing date from Japan or an arrival date in Seattle.The light characters punched into the field before the final, heavier letters were punched suggests this may be a generic medal, perhaps sold as a souvenir of a voyage that the recipient could engrave with their own message.If anyone has any ideas or recognizes the medal, I would be happy to hear from you.

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