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01 Dec 2015

The Numismatist Online

ANA Library | wdhyder

The Numismatist online version launched today. I must say, Bravo! Well done.I have been researching several topics during visits to Colorado Springs, patiently sitting in the library reading through past issues with the photocopier close at hand.I was able to replicate two long days of reading and copying in approximately 30 minutes using the search function. Printing relevant pages to pdf files is certainly easier than trying to get a clean image from a thickly bound volume on the photocopier. And, I was able to do it from the comfort of my own desk at home in California.How accurate is the search function? I put in my own name and retrieved every page that I am aware of save one. I also retrieved two references to my name that I had missed over the years. So, it is not perfect, but it doesn't get much better than that.Numismatists now have no excuse to ignore past research published in The Numismatist as it is now available with a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse.Thank you A.N.A. for a most useful tool.

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