U.S. Shell Cards

02 Feb 2015

I recently designed and produced the new book, The Token and Medal Society Guide to U.S. Shell Cards 1867 - 1880, by Q. David Bowers. I began my own collection of shell cards while working on the book. I need to have a few pieces to inspire me while working and I fell in love with these rare examples of American history. My cover photo is a Tansill's Punch mirror shell card from Chicago, B-IL-545, in our new book.



Level 5

Awesome pieces. Never seen them before. Nice area to collect and write about.


Level 6

Congratulations on the book! These are again really cool!


Level 7

First time I have seen them and I'm glad I clicked on it. There very nice quite different but t hat what's makes this hobby great finds like that. Thanks for sharing them with us and lots of luck.


Level 6

Congratulations on the book. Great shell cards. WOW! I just looked on eBay. Those babies are a bit expensive. Thanks again!


Level 6

These are rarely seen and get almost no publicity. Thanks for letting the collecting public know of these issues. I like the pics.


Level 5

I did not know about these!


Level 5

Looks like a very challenging project!!!

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