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31 Mar 2019

Thanks Dad ...

Coins | Teacher Brian

This coin was placed in Dad's casket. We just became aware of the coin collecting universe last year, and our first formal collection (and perhaps the very first ever "Baha'i History Collection") was started in honor of Dad only two months ago. None of us stays on this earth eternally, so it was not totally unexpected that March 10, 2019, Dad ascended to the next world, especially as he'd been ill the past couple years. But his next step did come a little sooner than the kids thought. He joins my mom and is assuredly happy to meet up again with her (they were married 43 years), as well as other family and friends already there. He was a Baha'i, the second in the family after Mom, and knew that "death is a messenger of joy" (Baha'i Writings) to the deceased, although it can be sad and painful to the rest of us still here. Every faith also teaches that separation is only part of this world, and in the spiritual world we will meet up again and be together forever. We can consider "death" as actually like being "born" into that next spiritual world, similar to how a baby is born from the womb-world into this earthly world. We've transferred from one home to another. Dad was a medical doctor, a general surgeon. I remember him getting awards for saving folks' lives, and lots of thank you gifts; we kids especially loved the presents of many types of food, cookies, sweets, etc! When I was considering switching from work in the engineering field to high school teacher, I was held up by thoughts of decreased social status, and of course the difference in salary. Eventually, I figured that money isn't everything, teachers can make extra dollars in various ways, and that perhaps someday I'd marry a rich girl, haha (my wife is a nurse and does, indeed, earn more than me)! Dad helped with the decision, too, as one of his greatest lessons came at that time -- he said that "status" was a disease some people have that makes everybody else sick. That definition has stuck with me. It reminds me of how we're all equal in the sight of God, and our greatest achievements come from lifting up others. Thanks Dad, we love you.

10 Feb 2019

1st-ever Baha'i History Coin Collection?

Coins in the Classroom | Teacher Brian

Teachers need props, usually audio-visual aids, and especially helpful to the memory are such aids that can be picked up, where we are touching, gazing & marveling at the representative of real people and places. These props assist a story - history - coming to life, joining our own lives here today. This is the impetus for a coin collection we (my wife and I) have just begun to assemble. It might be the first-ever numismatic gathering for dates and events important or interesting in the history of the Baha'i Faith; if anyone knows of another or similar collection, please let us know so we don't continue this claim, and we can learn from others!

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