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28 Jan 2023


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Hey everyone,
I didn’t renew my membership yet, and it ran out on January 1st. I dont know when I will renew it, but why can I still follow people and post blogs? I also got the February Numismatist in the mail yesterday. My brother kept getting the Numismatist around half a year after his membership ran out, is this normal? Also, when will I not be able to post blogs and comment on them?



Level 5

Yeah, I’d call them

It's Mokie

Level 6

Maybe someone renewed on your behalf? Mystery can also be solved by looking at your My Profile under My Account.


Level 4

Well, if you get access to the ANA without paying, I mean, not to encourage dishonesty, but hey, if it works, it works.


Level 4

Why not just renew? Sounds like you use the site and would miss it.


Level 6

Calling the membership office will probably answer all your questions. ; )


Level 6

Call. They are there on Saturday.


Level 7

Call them on Monday. I don't know the reason but they just might be behind!

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