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08 Sep 2021

American Innovation One Dollar Program

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Hi everyone. I have decided to start collecting American Innovation one dollar coins. But not from the U.S. Mint. Way too expensive. Instead, I'm getting them for around $2.50 apiece from ebay. I'm getting them all from the Philadelphia mint. The American Innovation dollar program is a nice program to start collecting coins from! They are also not too expensive, so you can afford them.


Long Beard

Level 5

I bought the proof and reverse proofs together when the final of each were released. Saves the ridiculous shipping incurred otherwise per coin. The P/D's from a dealer or EBAY in the same manner. These trade around $15 for the eight coin set.


Level 5

Great set to collect. Nice series. Get to a coin show and pick some up if you can.


Level 6

That will be great! Have fun working on your new collection! ; )


Level 6

The dollars should make an attractive collecting.


Level 6

Not a bad choice. I also feel this is a good series for YN's and beginners. The mint has done a nice job of freezing out collectors on these. Good choice.


Level 7

I believe that set was made for the younger generation. Some only collect the reverse proofs of each state. Some collect there state. You would need the D and the the others for a complete set. That's were the mint plays tricks. I say collect what you want the way you want. You will like it better. I bought New York. But not the reverse proof. Gone Enjoy it you found a way. Good for you!! Enjoy them.!!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I wish I could warm up the the dollars they are minting. The presidential dollars are the last of those I'm collecting. I think its a great series to collect though and I think before its all over you will get a set of D's too! Happy collecting and be sure to show us your best finds and favorites with these!

It's Mokie

Level 6

I had thought about it, but will probably not pursue it as I am slowly pivoting to quality in my collection vice quantity. But I think it would be a great set for the young or newer numismatist to pursue. Thanks for reminding us it actually even exists. (:

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