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13 Sep 2021

1969 D Dollar Bill

Paper Money-U.S. | CoinCollector7777

A few days ago I was searching through my wallet and found a 1969 D one dollar bill. It looked like crisp uncirculated, with no folds, graffiti, rounded corners, and is firm with original sheen. I don't know how it ended up in my wallet, because it looks like it was just printed. I looked it up in my OUTDATED book from 2013 and it says it's worth $7.00. I just looked it up on google and it said somewhere around $8.50. So if you look at every coin you get, look at your bills too!

08 Sep 2021

American Innovation One Dollar Program

Coins | CoinCollector7777

Hi everyone. I have decided to start collecting American Innovation one dollar coins. But not from the U.S. Mint. Way too expensive. Instead, I'm getting them for around $2.50 apiece from ebay. I'm getting them all from the Philadelphia mint. The American Innovation dollar program is a nice program to start collecting coins from! They are also not too expensive, so you can afford them.

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