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06 Dec 2021

Benjamin Franklin

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Here is yet another paper I wrote on Ben Franklin. Enjoy!

Benjamin Franklin and the Documents of America's Freedom

Most Americans have probably heard of Benjamin Franklin. However, some people might not know that Benjamin Franklin eagerly signed several documents which enabled America to be liberated for independence. In fact, he was the only privileged person who signed all four of the documents that helped America become a free nation. First, in 1776, Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence. Britain did not acknowledge the Declaration, so America bravely fought The Revolutionary War. Franklin also traveled to France because America needed help defending themselves in The Revolutionary War. In Paris he obtained and signed the Treaty of Alliance with France, which helped America win the war. At the end of the war, he signed the Treaty of Paris of 1783. Peace with Britain was achieved by the signing of this treaty. Franklin, at the age of 81, was the most elderly representative of the Continental Congress to sign the Constitution of the United States. Benjamin Franklin was a famous historical figure who signed the Documents of America's Freedom.

Franklin is pictured on the obverse of the half dollar from 1948-1963. They are not that expensive if you want to collect all of them. They go for about $10-$30 each, some in mint state. They are also made of 90% silver.



Level 4

A man dedicated to America. At the old age of 80, Ben Franklin still was helping our country and still was serving as the Pennsylvania State Representative or something like that. Nice work!

It's Mokie

Level 6

I have a coin collecting colleague who also does a Ben Franklin COSPLAY at numerous conventions including ANA WFM, FUN, and of course his home club PAN. If you go to any of these shows, you will see him, and usually an Abe Lincoln COSPLAYER working the floor together. He also does a nice presentation about Franklin at every show. Only problem, he has a thick Pittsburgh accent. LOL Thanks for a fun and informative blog.


Level 5

A great man for the time.


Level 5

Yes, one of my favorites also, and he was also a great inventor. Thanks for sharing.

Long Beard

Level 5

Franklin also played a large, behind the scenes part in our monetary system working with Robert Morris and Alexander Hamilton. For this reason alone, he is in my top three of American patriots.


Level 7

If I can make a suggestion. Write about the coin that goes with the president. Maybe a picture. Keep up the good work!!


Level 5

He was a great guy! Nice information!


Level 6

Nice information on Franklin. Glad you put in a few lines on the coinage. ; )


Level 5

Amazing man that did a great amount of things for the country. He traveled a lot. Reading about him, you can find out quite a bit of amazing history. Thanks for the blog.

AC coin$

Level 6

Nice notes . As I did post a few days ago a huge blog on Franklin . Nice to read different views on a subject . Together with Abraham Lincoln , Washington , Franklin are the most I admire . God bless America .


Level 7

One of my favorite founding fathers. He put allot of mileage on himself. Those trips took three months sometimes. That's for the blog!

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