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12 Dec 2021

Christmas Story

Coins | CoinCollector7777

Hi everyone! Here is a Christmas story from last year. So, there was this gift wrapped in wrapping paper. Yep. That's the story. Just kidding. So, anyway, I shook this gift to try to guess what it was. It felt like coins. And it was coins! And two silver certificates. Don't worry, the coins weren't that valuable, but they were silver. And there were some wheat cents that I needed for my folder. But they all were in like G condition. My brother got the same! Anyways, I had a great Christmas. I hope I get more coins!



Level 6

Nice! I'm looking forward to some coins gifts as well! Ho Ho Ho ; )


Level 6

I always like coins as gifts


Level 4

Nice story. I hope I get some much needed coins too....


Level 5

Great Christmas story ! Hope Santa brings me some coins this year. Although I probably will have to find my own coin gifts. Hope you get some coins? But if not you can find some for sure during the upcoming year. Let's make 2022 a fantastic coin year !!

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