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10 Dec 2021

For People New To the ANA

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Hi everyone! This blog should help people new to the ANA get more familiar with it.
First, go to people's profiles. Look at the date of their last blog or look at their activity. If they have been on the website recently, then follow them. If they do not log on in one month, unfollow them. Next, hover over "my account", and then click "privacy settings". Change your username and upload a picture. Then, create your first blog! Hover over "my account" and click my blog. Next, click "make a blog". Give it a title, write at least seven sentences, and save it. Congratulations! You just made your first blog! Also, if you want to make a collection, hover over "my account", and then click on my collections. Click on "make a collection", then do the stuff you would do with a blog and publish it. You can click on other people's blogs, read them, and comment on them if you scroll down more.
These directions should get you through the basics of the website. If it says, "you have earned ___ points", that doesn't really mean anything. Points don't do anything.
Bonus stuff: The ANA will send you a starter package. It includes coins, papers that will help you with the website, and much more!
If I'm missing anything important, please tell me in the comments. Happy coin collecting!



Level 6

Yes, Lets encourage blogs longer than seven sentences please! ; )


Level 5

Good advice. I don’t know why points are even a thing. Definitly have at least 7 sentences in a blog or whats the point in writing it?

I. R. Bama

Level 5

A timely advice for all our new good friends!


Level 6

I would hope for more than a seven sentence blog. My opinion. Give people more time before you unfollow.


Level 7

I agree with the points and who you follow. That is so important. You leave a comment on a blog which was the last activity 7 years ago that's a waste. You want points. Bottom line. Read it and don't leave a comment. . No one will answer you know one will help you. Thanks .

It's Mokie

Level 6

I think the one month unfollow is a little to soon. I personally have had medical issues that kept me off the forum for more than a month, I would be very disappointed if someone did not have the patience to wait for my return. There are many others, including some of our YNs that also have school obligations, etc. that keep them away for weeks on end. Give us all a break!!!


Level 6

I agree with you Mokie ; )


Level 5

Great advice and directions. Not a lot frequent the blog area on this site. This is a very nice area of the ANA site. I've seen coins, and numismatic items I probably never would of known about. And started collecting some of them. Its nice to see what interests other collectors have. We all travel a unique road of collecting.


Level 4

You could tell that's the more points you have the higher ranking you get. I don't think there are many new people in the ANA now, but if there is this will definitely help 'em!

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