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05 Dec 2021

George Washington

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Here is another paper I wrote a little bit ago about George Washington. Enjoy!

The First President

George Washington was an extraordinarily capable leader, and he helped America become an awesome country because during the Revolutionary war, he was the commander who led the Continental Army to win the war against England. After the war, he was sought after to be the leader of the Constitutional Convention. The Constitution confirmed the most powerful office of government to be the president. Even though Washington wanted to return to a serene life at home after the war, allies persuaded him to run for President, and he readily won. Washington was a president in New York City for two terms from 1789-1797. The majority of people wanted him to run for a third time, but he rejected the idea because he thought that would give one person too much authority, which would exemplify a king. After Washington completed his terms as President, he traveled home. He died some years later. His face is now printed on the one-dollar bill and struck on the quarter and America's capitol is named after him. George Washington was an extraordinary president.

The quarter that pictures George Washington was minted in 1932, all the way up to the present day. The quarters that are from 1964 or under are made of silver. You should keep them or sell them.


It's Mokie

Level 6

George Washington was an outstanding soldier and a better President. His willingness to return to civilian life after two terms in office set our nation on a course of long-term political stability. So sad that recent events have hazarded all he did for our Republic. I do wish we had honored his desire to not be depicted on our nations coinage. Of course we would have lost many wonderful coins but his wishes should have been respected.


Level 4

This is similar to what Golfer said,it's amazing what he did to give us independence,. Also it is pretty surprising that he survived the whole war, not many did that. He is also the only president who has a state named after him, and is one of the few presidents pictured on a bill and pictured on a coin


Level 5

Great topic - but why no mention of his belief of no leader image on coins.


Level 6

Nice blog! Thanks! ; )


Level 7

Thanks for the information!! Keep it up!


Level 5

Amazing what Washington did to defeat the British. Unbelievable he wasn't captured or killed. The history is for the reading, and is worth studying. Nice paper on Washington.

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