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19 Mar 2021

Helpful Tool For Grading Coins

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For today's blog, I want to share a little trick for grading coins. If you have a small flashlight (should fit in your pocket) and the light is white, not blue or any other color, you put the coin down on a flat surface, (try to make it soft so it doesn't damage the coin) hold the light kind of 20 degrees pointing the light tword the coin. This will help you see scratches on the coin much easier, even on lustery coins. The light makes it appear like you get rid of the luster when you shine the light on the coin. Try this out if you have a flashlight!


I just tried it and it works amazingly thanks for the tip


Level 6

Thanks for sharing your idea. Thanks! ; )


Level 7

It takes allot more than that to grade a coin. Mr. Yeoman the writer of the red book was asked what does it take to be a good grader. He responded a good glass good light and 20 years experience. Believe me. That process will help but only show scratches not everthing. Keep working on it.


Level 6

The type of lighting changes everything. I even use UV light when indicated. Thanks.


Level 5

Good work! Incandescent bulbs work best! Thanks for sharing your technique!


Level 5

Very helpful. Lighting is important. A small flashlight can help you identify nicks and scratches. Thanks

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Sounds like a very helpful technique, thank you!

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